Thursday, December 22, 2005



MY Christmas spirit is showing. SHhhhhhhhh, don't telll anyone. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Move Over Eowyn

The Warrior Princess

You are strong, courageous, and dynamic, a woman of
action. You have an iron will and a sharp
tongue. Indecisive, weak, or wishy-washy people
test your patience. You tend to grow bored
quickly and yearn for excitement.

Role Models: Brunhilde/The Valkyries, Xena

You are most likely to: Lead your people to victory
against an army of orcs.

What Kind of Princess are You? - Beautiful Artwork (Original Music is BACK!!!)
brought to you by Quizilla

That means I get to slay the Witch King and end up with Faramir - YUM!

Thanks to Chunks for the link

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Long Tail

I haven't posted about Julietta, my loving needle-nosed greyhound, in a bit. I have funny short story to tell.

Julietta was feeling rather frisky and wanting to play. She grabbed one of her rawhide chews and jumped on the couch. When I say "jumped", I actually mean she carefully climbed up one leg at a time. It's a sight to see her crawl up so gingerly.

She tried to place the chew on the back of the couch (she likes to put them places, the coffee table, and empty box, any shelf available) but it fell down between the cushions. I was sitting on one end. That took away some of her space to move.

She is a big dog and all legs. It's not easy maneuvering those stilts on couch cushions that sag with every step. She stumbled a bit while trying to recover chew toy. She got so excited when she did finally grasp it that she wagged her tail enthusiastically whilst simultaneously leaping off the couch. Only to hit Tabitha, who was resting on the back of the couch next to me, square in the face with that bony tail.

I looked at the cat and the cat shot flaming daggers of death at me from her green eyes. I've never seen such a dirty look from a cat. It was if she was saying "It's your fault for bringing that ginormous leggy beast in to MY house, bitch".

I was laughing so hard, I fell off the couch and my son came out of his room to see what the commotion was.

Never a dull moment.

The Best Gift

Stopped on the way home and picked up Dad & Grandmas gifts. I just have that little angel Maren to get and mail.....I'm not sure what they need for her, so a good old Amazon gift card will be sent. Then they can pick out exactly what Little Miss Maren needs. I need to post a more recent picture of that beautiful babe. She's 8 months old now and her smile just steals your heart away. My Grandmother recently received one of Maren decked out in pink Red Sox garb, cap & all. It rocked. (My cousin & his wife are huge Red Sox fans).

I've brought in plates of cookies & chocolate/peanut butter cheesecake to work two days in a row now. Everyone moans about the calories.....But it doesn't stop them from eating them! Hell, it's Christmas people! Calories don't count! One cookie won't kill you. Bitching about the calories won't burn them off. Just shut the hell up and enjoy some Christmas cheer will ya?! ;)

I do love the baking. Son loves the eating. He was disappointed that I was taking so much into work........Well if he hadn't eaten the 1/4 full cookie jar in one night (and it's a BIG cookie jar!), he'd have some cookies left too. He just hasn't found what's hidden in the back of the fridge.......Yet. There'll be more made too.

At least he will carry a good memory of the house filled with all kinds of good smells and treats for the holidays. We all need those good memories. Just like our habit of watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation & Home Alone while wrapping presents.

It's those traditions that will stay with him. He's not going to remember one gift he received in 10 years, but he will remember getting cozy in our PJ's on the pullout couch surrounded by treats & munchies, and laughing our butts off at the same scenes of movies we have watched countless times. That's the best gift I can give or receive.

What are some of your family traditions?

Monday, December 19, 2005

Where's the Christmas Spirit?, I mean Panic

There has to be something drastically wrong, something major I am forgetting.

Thursday I spent 4 hours wrapping the presents I started purchasing back in July. So much easier to do when the prying eyes are staying at Grandma's. I still have 5 gifts to get, which isn't all that bad considering years past. I'm usually up till 2AM on Christmas Eve wrapping the gifts I bought Christmas Eve. I'll finish shopping tonight and wrap those (since none will be my sons he won't be interested in them). Then I'll be done, finished. I can bake cookies for the rest of the week. This is highly unusual.

But, I'll take it over the panic riddled, stressed out Christmas past. Thank God for the internet and starting so early!!!!!!!!

No, I still won't send out Christmas cards - and I'm not sorry.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


My first HNT PIC. Posted by Picasa

A different View

I gave my girlfriend Darla a ride to work today, her car is in the shop.

She told me she wished her mother could ride with me one day, then she wouldn't think Darla was so bad.


It was pretty much a typical ride. I kept it under the speed limit. Traffic wasn't all that bad. It certainly wasn't anything like yesterday was! I voiced my frustration at a couple ignorant drivers. I didn't have road rage or anything like that. I failed to see any kind of a problem, but obviously there was one, since she felt compelled to comment.

I guess the stress is starting to seep out and I am unaware of it.

Maybe I should be more aware of how I express myself. Maybe I should learn to be more patient and not say anything if I don't have anything good to say. Maybe I should start smoking pot to mellow out. It's pretty hard to be pissed off when you are stoned. Maybe a little self evaluation is in need here........


I'll just drink more.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Furnace fixed

to the tune of $189.83. Oh, and there could be an additional $80 charge for the after 5PM call yesterday.

New glasses to replace the ones my kid broke: $168
Replacement fan motor for furnace: $189.83
150 gallons of oil for tank: $369

Christmas: totally fucked

Livin' on the edge

So, I'm driving to work today in the center lane with the usual bumper to bumper rush hour traffic, I am half a car length behind the SUV in front of me. My front bumper is directly next to the drivers door of the car in the lane to my right.

Driver to my right decides he wants to get in my lane so he puts on his directional and starts pulling into my lane.

I beep my horn.

He keeps coming.

I lay on the horn, pissed now because this guy is just being a pushy dick.

I finally have to back off because if I don't, he will hit me.

He pulls in front of me......And stops, puts the car in park and gets out, in the middle lane of the highway, during the morning commute.

I probably should have been a bit nervous. I hear about all the road rage incidents on the news. One guys beats another with a tire iron because he threw a cigarette out the window and got ashes on the guys car driving behind him. People have been shot for cutting off others in some places. I wasn't thinking about that though. I was running on very little sleep and I was just plain pissed off that this jerk figured he owned the road and could push his way in wherever he wanted.

What did he think he was going to prove by getting out of his car? Did he think he could bully me verbally like he did physically with his car?

He approached my window waving his hands and shouting "Didn't you see my directional?".

"Didn't you see my car?!?"

"Didn't you see my directional? I was pulling into the lane". He shouted louder, with an accent from where I didn't really care to try and fathom.

"Didn't you see my car? Where were you trying to pull into, my front seat? Didn't you hear my horn?! Did it look like I was letting you into my lane?! Do you think just because you put on your turn signal it gives you the right to cut someone off? To push your way into their lane?".

He started retreating back to his vehicle waving his hands some more and called me a bitch. To which I responded "Get back in your car and learn how to drive dickhead!".

He has no idea how close he came to me driving my car right up his obnoxious ass.

Do not mess with a tired cranky Irish Taurus woman, she'll kick your ass.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Murphy and his laws live at my house

12 days before Christmas and, of course, something major has to go wrong. It wouldn't be my life, if it didn't. You see, I live with Murphy and his silly law. You know: If anything can go wrong at the worst possible moment, it will.

The blower for my furnace shit the bed tonight. It had been making squealing noises for the past two days. I was hoping it would hold out until after Christmas, but noooooooooooo.

The repairman came & removed the blower. He then informed me he had nothing to replace it with, he would bring it to the repair shop tomorrow and hopefully, be able to reinstall it by tomorrow night, that is, if the repair shop had the time to fix it. (He fixes all kinds of small motors, after all.)

He inquired if I had any kind of a metal box fan about 7x9 inches. Right, I keep a couple just that size in the shed. Without a fan to push the heat into the duct system, the furnace would heat the closet it's housed in, and not much else. Great. On the coldest night of the season so far.

The "oh, so helpful" repairman, leaves. I phone Superdad for assistance, twice. Son and I head out to our local hardware store (Grainger isn't open past 5PM and it's now 6:30PM) in hopes of finding some kind of fan.

The helpful clerk informs us that fans are usually in isle 48, "but, we usually store those items off season". Sure - take away my one glimmer of hope.

We find isle 48 stocked with space heaters. Well, if it's that or freezing.... Isle 47 has 4 or 5 actual fans in it. One is a 14 inch industrial strength all metal fan. It will have to do. It's the only one on the shelf and the box is open on both ends. It appears too big to fit inside the furnace where the blower was, but I'll have to make it work.

I ask the girl at the register if she can give me any kind of a break on the $41.99 price because the box is open on both ends and the fan is held in by a large twist tie. (Hey, it doesn't hurt to ask.) She calls over the manager and he asks if there were any others on the shelf. "No, it was the only one". I get 10% off the full original overprice. (Told ya, it didn't hurt to ask).

We get home and confirm that the fan is too big to fit into the space that previously housed the blower. The weak box fan blowing into the vents on the front of the furnace door has kept the house temperature at 60 degrees, so there is a glimmer of hope for this much more powerful fan.

We manage to bungee cord the fan to the front of the furnace door on high. Eureka! Heat is produced from the floor registers. The temperature manages to jump to 64 degrees in just a half hour.

I probably won't sleep a wink tonight between, listening to the high velocity fan constantly running and worrying about the pipes freezing, but, here's to good old New England ingenuity and it being 68 degrees inside when it's 8 degrees outside.

Smile, You're on Candid Camera

A big thank you for your responses and advice.

I should tell you what I have done so far.

I had met with the manager and one of the partial owners (An ownership acquired by a shady deal. He was, and still is the park accountant. He bought out one of the four owners without giving the tenants first right of refusal.) and they told me to document and inform them of every infraction. I did this for many months. I have many, many E-mails to prove this. Some of the infractions were dealt with (junk cars parked in the driveway that the kids kept playing in at all hours - right under my living room windows)They were removed. Trash all over the yard (would be cleaned up and replaced by more trash). I was told to contact the police about the noise. Which I did at least twice a week over the summer and into the fall.

I'm not even sure who the other owners are. I believe they live in Florida and just collect the checks.

There was a family finally evicted from the park because of the trouble they caused, three boys and a drugged out Mom who let them run wild. For years, these kids caused trouble. Police knew them all by sight & name. I had run ins with the two youngest boys, why? Because they hung out with the boys next door of course. I was informed by the park manager that there was a no trespass order against this family and if I ever saw the boys next door I should call the police. Well, I did that several times. The boys would spend the night and sneak out in the morning. Their mother or older brother would wait outside in a car and they would bolt from the house to the car. The times that I saw them arrive I phoned the police - they would show up and ask if the offenders were there. The grandmother & mother would lie and say no, the cops would leave. Half the time I don't think they actually knew the offenders were there because they were hiding in the boys bedroom. Neither of the adults in the house know where the kids are most of the time anyway.

I'm getting off track here. Anyhoo, I did this for several months and kind of gave up because it just never stops.

Izchan hit the nail on the head: These people don't care about anyone but themselves. The law doesn't apply to them, as far as they are concerned. The mother went nuclear on her kids one night during the summer. She was ranting and raving like a mad woman, running over bicycles in the driveway. One of her kids told her to shush because of me. She then proceeded to go off on me and minding my own business..Etc...Etc (It was quite vulgar and to tell the truth, scary - this woman is not dealing with a full deck.) I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs "I would love to mind my own business and I would, if I didn't have to constantly listen to yours!"

I would move, if I could. Any other parks in the area are at least twice the rent. They are also more like the majority of the place I currently live - 10 foot lots. Believe it or not, I live in the best area of any manufactured housing community around. I also couldn't afford to move my home. Most parks do not have free lots to move a home to. You have to move into existing housing - which, is usually a 30 year old shoe box. So, I am stuck. At least, until I can save enough money to possibly buy a real home. At the current housing prices in Massachusetts, that should be about 2025.

My son and I have discussed getting a surveillance system. A wireless, motion activated camera that records on VHS. I've already invested in an alarm system because I got broken into back in 2001 (by teenage girls, no less). This seems to be my only logical choice. That way I will have videotaped evidence. I will start a log book of all the shit I put up with as well. I will look into getting a camera system after Christmas.

It amazes me that this woman still has custody of her children. DSS has been involved several times. I feel bad for the kids. They didn't ask for this. It's not their fault that they are being dragged up instead of brought up.

Isn't it funny that you need a license to drive a car but, anyone can have a kid. It doesn't matter whether or not you're qualified or can support them. Ironically, I'm paying the welfare to support those kids. Ain't life a bitch.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Trailer Trash Neighbors From Hell

I'm seeking advice from the internet.

Let me preface by saying, I live in a trailer park. (Hey, it's all I could afford when I got divorced and I didn't want a condo (Read - expensive apartment). It's really not that bad. I live in the newest section (1987) that has large lots and nice "manufactured housing". I'm talking cathedral ceilings, skylights, garden tubs with a separate shower, my son even has a half bath in his bedroom. I have a decent sized yard that allows me to have a nice garden & room for the dog to run.

The drawbacks are that you pay rent & mortgage and....You live fairly close to your neighbors. One side of my home is my yard - the other is my neighbors. Most everyone in the neighborhood is pretty cool, quiet and keep to themselves. That is except for the ones that live next to me.

You've all heard about neighbors from hell, well....I live next to the definition of "trailer trash".

Seriously, I've put up with a lot over the last 11 years.

Here are some examples:

snowballs thrown at my house
rocks and eggs thrown at my house
soiled diapers thrown in my back yard
my son sucker punched so hard it broke his nose and he is constantly verbally harassed
plants trampled in my front garden
loud booming stereo (this is constant and ongoing with many calls to the local PD)
A grown man peeping in my windows (a complaint was filed and he was found guilty, got a slap on the wrist)
constant noise - yelling, screaming, cursing
comings and goings at all hours of the night
Revving engines and exhaust fumes
Listening to mental, emotional, verbal & physical abuse
fish heads left on my doorstep and car

There's more, but you get the idea.

When I first moved in, things were fine. I lived next to a woman and her husband, their grown son lived with them. There was some loud shouting, but that ended when the husband died. Then the son went to jail for some reason and things were quiet, until the grandchildren moved in.

At first it was cool, my son had kids his age living next door. He played with them for a while, until their behavior became a problem. The two boys, 6 and 5 (at the time my son was 6) basically ran amok with no supervision. The only time Grandma was outside was at 4 o'clock in the afternoon to hose down the driveway. A tradition still in effect 9 years later. (I swear, "a broom" is not in this woman's vocabulary, and the words "water shortage" just don't apply to her).

A short time later, their mother, her husband, and their daughter moved in. Three adults and three children living in a two bedroom trailer. They continued to breed and produced two more children. Now, there were 5 children and three adults living in a two bedroom trailer. I found out later that this woman actually had six children by four different fathers, she started having babies at 16. She only has custody of five of the children though. What a surprise.

So, you get the basic idea, loud, noisy, abusive, dirty (the trash and mess are a sight). They have no respect for anyone. A family that represents the cycle of abuse and welfare abuse. A couple years ago charges were brought against the eldest son and friends for sexual abuse against his stepsister and another 8 year old. Nice.

The abusive father was finally thrown out about a year ago. This is the man that I caught peeping in my windows 4 years ago. A man that convinced his wife that I pressed charges because I made a pass at him and he refused. PUUULLLEASE! The guy looks like a 5 foot Neanderthal. I'm talking nasty here. But, she bought it, hook, line & sinker. And believe me, she's no prize, this woman has a face only a mother could love. My son has even commented about how homely she is.

Recently - he's been back though. With his loud Trans Am and loud pickup truck, spending nights here and there. She's just dumb enough to take the SOB back. Then I'll be able to enjoy the sounds of him beating his wife and children again.

Basically, it's hell living next to these people. I've complained to the park manager till I'm blue in the face. They were supposed to be evicted 5 years ago. They're still here. It's a park rule that "guests" cannot stay more than 30 days. The Grandmother is the one that owns the home. The daughter and children are considered guests. They've been there 10 years! The manager and owners are nothing more than slum lords that want to sit back and collect the rent checks. No help there.

This family is like the Munsters. They don't come out until 8 o'clock at night to play in the driveway, right next to my open living room windows, during the summer. Then they make all kinds of noise. Just at the time when I am winding down and want to relax. I've been woken several times at 11PM by pounding base of vulgar rap music. Nothing like being woken up by Eminem rapping about fuck this and fuck that. There is the occasional toddler in pajamas at noon time dancing on the car without an adult in sight. I'm talking quality parenting here.

I want to make one thing clear - I HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING TO THESE PEOPLE. I mind my own business and have even lent them tools and helped them out on occasion. I've called the police department countless times about the loud music and fighting that never seems to end, but only when things become completely intolerable. I let a lot slide.

So, imagine my surprise when I got home tonight to find that "someone" had gone on to my property and shoveled 4 feet of snow on to my doorstep. No shit, it was 4 feet high at my front door. The tracks in the snow show that two individuals went on to my property and shoveled snow from the driveway on my steps. Do I need any other evidence to think that it was the delinquents next door? I think not. Nevermind that I left my house at 6:30 AM and didn't return until 7PM to find 14 inches of snow in my drive, plus what the plows left.

My son wants nothing more than to throw rocks through every window and beat the shit out of the eldest boys. I have to say, I don't blame him, I'd love a piece of that. He & a friend spent 8 hours today snowblowing and shoveling driveways in my parents neighborhood. He worked so hard that he woke up shouting that he couldn't feel his leg 20 minutes ago. He was writhing in agony at the muscle spasms in his thighs. But, I'm also afraid that these same freaks will burn my house to the ground while I'm at work if he does. It serves no purpose to get into a pissing contest with these losers.

I'm at a loss here.

I can go to the police department tomorrow and file a complaint. I have no proof that it was my neighbors and nothing will come of it. Complaining to the park manager is a joke.

So, what do I do? What satisfactory recourse do I have? How do I get these total waste of a human life things to leave me alone? Does anyone out there have neighbor horror stories and how they dealt with it? Ideas? Anyone? I wish I could deal with them as tactfully as MM dealt with his Really Big Home Improvement Store problem and get the satisfactory results that he did. Help me people. I'm just left of going postal here.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

What Kate Did..Doesn't hold water

Am I alone in thinking the writers dropped the ball here on last nights Lost episode?

I have to say I was disappointed with the real reason behind Kate being a wanted woman. The conversation with her father was bizarre - he didn't tell Kate Wayne was her real father because he knew she would kill him? Wait a sec.......He knew when Kate was born.......They didn't divorce until Kate was like 4 or 5...WTF? Like a 5 year old would kill her real father just because she doesn't want to be like him?

What's up with that? They missed the mark and gave us a pretty lame ass excuse, IMHO.

The rest of the ep was good - loved the oh so Hurleyesque "So Rose's husband is white... Didn't see that coming."

My fav line was Mr. Eko to Locke "Don't mistake coincidence for fate", especially after he told that elaborate story before giving Locke the film! I look forward to more Mr. Eko/Locke interaction.

Now we have to wait till fucking January to see what happens next????? That's wrong on so many levels.

Oh well, it looks like my Wednesday nights will be free for Christmas shopping....