Thursday, December 01, 2005

What Kate Did..Doesn't hold water

Am I alone in thinking the writers dropped the ball here on last nights Lost episode?

I have to say I was disappointed with the real reason behind Kate being a wanted woman. The conversation with her father was bizarre - he didn't tell Kate Wayne was her real father because he knew she would kill him? Wait a sec.......He knew when Kate was born.......They didn't divorce until Kate was like 4 or 5...WTF? Like a 5 year old would kill her real father just because she doesn't want to be like him?

What's up with that? They missed the mark and gave us a pretty lame ass excuse, IMHO.

The rest of the ep was good - loved the oh so Hurleyesque "So Rose's husband is white... Didn't see that coming."

My fav line was Mr. Eko to Locke "Don't mistake coincidence for fate", especially after he told that elaborate story before giving Locke the film! I look forward to more Mr. Eko/Locke interaction.

Now we have to wait till fucking January to see what happens next????? That's wrong on so many levels.

Oh well, it looks like my Wednesday nights will be free for Christmas shopping....


KFarmer said...

ehhhh gads! you mentioned that dirty word.... SHOPPING! (which is exactly what I am going to do if I ever get off this computer) : (

izchan said...

I have stopped watching lost because it is so bloody addictive.

I need the WHOLE FIX or none at all.

I have spoken.
So shall it be done.

Magazine Man said...

Gee, and I expected you to be preoccupied by the big Jack/Kate kiss. :-)

I agree, this plot seemed wonky, but so far the writers have been pretty good at filling in blanks later so I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

One odd thing to me anyway is the implication that Kate and her dad were separated after the divorce, but she had to have spent some time with him because she learned her tracking skills spending time in the woods with her dad (presumably the Army officer dad, not the one she blew up).

But back to the killing thing. I have to wonder if Kate is a natural-born sociopath. Maybe she did something as a kid that would lead her dad to suppose she'd kill Wayne. Bit of a stretch, but possible. Either that, or Wayne is just one hell of a bad man and we haven't yet seen how awful he truly is.

I agree with you about Eko. He is my favorite of the new characters.