Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Livin' on the edge

So, I'm driving to work today in the center lane with the usual bumper to bumper rush hour traffic, I am half a car length behind the SUV in front of me. My front bumper is directly next to the drivers door of the car in the lane to my right.

Driver to my right decides he wants to get in my lane so he puts on his directional and starts pulling into my lane.

I beep my horn.

He keeps coming.

I lay on the horn, pissed now because this guy is just being a pushy dick.

I finally have to back off because if I don't, he will hit me.

He pulls in front of me......And stops, puts the car in park and gets out, in the middle lane of the highway, during the morning commute.

I probably should have been a bit nervous. I hear about all the road rage incidents on the news. One guys beats another with a tire iron because he threw a cigarette out the window and got ashes on the guys car driving behind him. People have been shot for cutting off others in some places. I wasn't thinking about that though. I was running on very little sleep and I was just plain pissed off that this jerk figured he owned the road and could push his way in wherever he wanted.

What did he think he was going to prove by getting out of his car? Did he think he could bully me verbally like he did physically with his car?

He approached my window waving his hands and shouting "Didn't you see my directional?".

"Didn't you see my car?!?"

"Didn't you see my directional? I was pulling into the lane". He shouted louder, with an accent from where I didn't really care to try and fathom.

"Didn't you see my car? Where were you trying to pull into, my front seat? Didn't you hear my horn?! Did it look like I was letting you into my lane?! Do you think just because you put on your turn signal it gives you the right to cut someone off? To push your way into their lane?".

He started retreating back to his vehicle waving his hands some more and called me a bitch. To which I responded "Get back in your car and learn how to drive dickhead!".

He has no idea how close he came to me driving my car right up his obnoxious ass.

Do not mess with a tired cranky Irish Taurus woman, she'll kick your ass.


KFarmer said...

I cant belive he actually stopped and got out of the car! What a dill weed. Directional? Pleeeaeasee!

Sharfa said...

K - I was furious. I only wish that I had enough sense to get his plate number and call the police to file a report. They were livery plates. He was obviously a limo driver (even though it was a 4 door Crown Vic or something like it). There's never a cop around when you need them! I could have gotten rear ended, stopped, in the middle lane of morning commute traffic.

With the thick accent, I'm thinking he was an immigrant that was handed a drivers license without learning the actual rules of the road. He was so self righteous in thinking that using a directional meant he could just pull directly into my lane, even though there was no room.

The things you encounter when you aren't driving a Humvee with diamond plate bumpers!

KFarmer said...

I am mad just sitting here thinking about it. You could very well have been killed because of his stupidity. I would have been spitting nails for sure. I thought he might be one of those when he said "directional". Piece of shit.

My favorites-"The Gangstas" who cut in front of you in their 1962 Impala because they are slumping so low in the front seat and throwing their hands up so often that they dont know they are not the only ones on the road.

I need a Jetson Spacemobile... now that would be cool.