Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My Broken Heart or This is How Not to Treat Your Mother

Christopher's leave has been nothing but heartbreaking. He has been hell bent on hanging out with his punk ass loser underage friends. That's all he wants to do. He caused a fight with me so he could storm out, stay out all night Saturday and get loaded. Then I drove him to my Mom's Sunday (he missed Mass with my Grandmother cause he didn't wake up until 11:15 AM - where ever he spent the night), I didn't want him at my house anymore. I told him not to call or text me anymore either. He treated me like shit and totally disrespected me.

When my Mom got home from work early Sunday - Christopher had a girl in his room that snuck out, only my Mom saw her. Mom told him if he was going to behave like that at her house he could just get out now. He apologized to her and was remorseful.

His Dad picked him up Monday so he could work today and he fucked off and complained and was on his phone all day.

His Dad called me tonight to find out the whole story and wasn't happy when he did. Christopher had plans to come down and stalk my neighborhood again tonight. While I was on the phone with his Father he's texting me saying "Thanks for causing trouble" His Dad put a stop to it.

Christopher has informed me that he hates me and is deleting me from his life.

I'm so glad I bought his plane ticket home and sent him all those care packages and lent all the support by answering his texts and calls and writing him every day and giving love and encouragement when he was in basic & AIT.

He's worse than when he left and I'm crushed.

When I texted him that I doubt any other soldier went home and treated their family like he has and that he should be ashamed. He said he's ashamed to be my son.

Nice huh?

He should be put on the plane to Kentucky now - before he gets into more trouble and causes more hurt.

Update: He did stop by last night and apologized. He admitted he has been a total ass. I got to say my piece. He knows he cannot stay at my house. I reaffirmed that he is on his own and responsible for himself. He's going to apologize to my Mom tonight. He said he loved me and I told him I love him, always will - I just don't like him very much right now. He tried to hug me, "I'm not ready to hug you - but you can kiss me on the cheek".