Monday, December 19, 2005

Where's the Christmas Spirit?, I mean Panic

There has to be something drastically wrong, something major I am forgetting.

Thursday I spent 4 hours wrapping the presents I started purchasing back in July. So much easier to do when the prying eyes are staying at Grandma's. I still have 5 gifts to get, which isn't all that bad considering years past. I'm usually up till 2AM on Christmas Eve wrapping the gifts I bought Christmas Eve. I'll finish shopping tonight and wrap those (since none will be my sons he won't be interested in them). Then I'll be done, finished. I can bake cookies for the rest of the week. This is highly unusual.

But, I'll take it over the panic riddled, stressed out Christmas past. Thank God for the internet and starting so early!!!!!!!!

No, I still won't send out Christmas cards - and I'm not sorry.


Chunks said...

I keep thinking there should be more too, but I think I am done! I just finished wrapping the last of the gifts and damned if it doesn't feel like I am forgetting something?!

Thanks for the nice comments on my blog! Your humor kills me too!

Batonga said...

I have wrapping left to do myself. And I too skipped the Christmas cards this year, except for one to grandma, everyone else got a Merry Christmas email ... very easy to do with the magic of cut and paste.

Sharfa said...

Sounds like I am not the only one ahead of the game this year!

Great job!

Ike - kudos on the e-mail Christmas cards!