Thursday, December 15, 2005

A different View

I gave my girlfriend Darla a ride to work today, her car is in the shop.

She told me she wished her mother could ride with me one day, then she wouldn't think Darla was so bad.


It was pretty much a typical ride. I kept it under the speed limit. Traffic wasn't all that bad. It certainly wasn't anything like yesterday was! I voiced my frustration at a couple ignorant drivers. I didn't have road rage or anything like that. I failed to see any kind of a problem, but obviously there was one, since she felt compelled to comment.

I guess the stress is starting to seep out and I am unaware of it.

Maybe I should be more aware of how I express myself. Maybe I should learn to be more patient and not say anything if I don't have anything good to say. Maybe I should start smoking pot to mellow out. It's pretty hard to be pissed off when you are stoned. Maybe a little self evaluation is in need here........


I'll just drink more.


Chunks said...

If I didn't speak anything if it wasn't anything GOOD while I was driving, then it would be a pretty quiet ride! I'm a big road rager!! Mind you, I'm no "guy who cuts people off and then stops in the road and approaches vehicles I have just cut off" kind of a person, more of a "One finger salute - Fuck you!" kind of a person. And I think everyone else on the road is an idiot. Here where I live, they pretty much are, especially at this time of year!

KFarmer said...

As I am alone most of the time when driving, I talk all the time to dumb ass drivers. Can you imagine the conversations we would have if we rode together?

S-" K, do you see that dumb ass MF that has been driving in the left hand lane with his right blinker on for the past 10 minutes?"

K- "yeah S, the dumb MF must have got his license at Wal-Mart".

S- "Wal-Mart hell, I say he went to the local Dollar Store and bet they charged him double cuz he is so ugly"

K "WHOA!! That stupid MF just tried to cut us off!! S, I take serious offense to someone trying to kill us... break out the heavy arillery...

S- "10-4 good buddy, 10-4" Time to lock and load...

K- "is it time for a beer yet?"


Sharfa said...

LOL - you two are my kind of gals! Oh the fun we could have with a shitbox on the highway playing bumper cars!