Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Best Gift

Stopped on the way home and picked up Dad & Grandmas gifts. I just have that little angel Maren to get and mail.....I'm not sure what they need for her, so a good old Amazon gift card will be sent. Then they can pick out exactly what Little Miss Maren needs. I need to post a more recent picture of that beautiful babe. She's 8 months old now and her smile just steals your heart away. My Grandmother recently received one of Maren decked out in pink Red Sox garb, cap & all. It rocked. (My cousin & his wife are huge Red Sox fans).

I've brought in plates of cookies & chocolate/peanut butter cheesecake to work two days in a row now. Everyone moans about the calories.....But it doesn't stop them from eating them! Hell, it's Christmas people! Calories don't count! One cookie won't kill you. Bitching about the calories won't burn them off. Just shut the hell up and enjoy some Christmas cheer will ya?! ;)

I do love the baking. Son loves the eating. He was disappointed that I was taking so much into work........Well if he hadn't eaten the 1/4 full cookie jar in one night (and it's a BIG cookie jar!), he'd have some cookies left too. He just hasn't found what's hidden in the back of the fridge.......Yet. There'll be more made too.

At least he will carry a good memory of the house filled with all kinds of good smells and treats for the holidays. We all need those good memories. Just like our habit of watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation & Home Alone while wrapping presents.

It's those traditions that will stay with him. He's not going to remember one gift he received in 10 years, but he will remember getting cozy in our PJ's on the pullout couch surrounded by treats & munchies, and laughing our butts off at the same scenes of movies we have watched countless times. That's the best gift I can give or receive.

What are some of your family traditions?


Chunks said...

I make a sourdough loaf filled with this warm, cheesy dip every Christmas eve for dinner. We only have it once a year, it is so rich and good!!! Also, we watch The Grinch and A Christmas Story, which totally kills me! It's the most underrated Christmas Movie of all time!

Sharfa said...

Chunks - Send me the recipe please! It sounds delish and something I can bring to Mom's for Christmas Eve.

Love that movie! "You'll shoot your eye out kid!" "FRAGILEH"

KFarmer said...

I love that old movie- The kids and I always sit down and watch it at least once. There are so many one liners- It twas, it twas- SOAP POISONING! AHHHHHHHHH!