Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Smile, You're on Candid Camera

A big thank you for your responses and advice.

I should tell you what I have done so far.

I had met with the manager and one of the partial owners (An ownership acquired by a shady deal. He was, and still is the park accountant. He bought out one of the four owners without giving the tenants first right of refusal.) and they told me to document and inform them of every infraction. I did this for many months. I have many, many E-mails to prove this. Some of the infractions were dealt with (junk cars parked in the driveway that the kids kept playing in at all hours - right under my living room windows)They were removed. Trash all over the yard (would be cleaned up and replaced by more trash). I was told to contact the police about the noise. Which I did at least twice a week over the summer and into the fall.

I'm not even sure who the other owners are. I believe they live in Florida and just collect the checks.

There was a family finally evicted from the park because of the trouble they caused, three boys and a drugged out Mom who let them run wild. For years, these kids caused trouble. Police knew them all by sight & name. I had run ins with the two youngest boys, why? Because they hung out with the boys next door of course. I was informed by the park manager that there was a no trespass order against this family and if I ever saw the boys next door I should call the police. Well, I did that several times. The boys would spend the night and sneak out in the morning. Their mother or older brother would wait outside in a car and they would bolt from the house to the car. The times that I saw them arrive I phoned the police - they would show up and ask if the offenders were there. The grandmother & mother would lie and say no, the cops would leave. Half the time I don't think they actually knew the offenders were there because they were hiding in the boys bedroom. Neither of the adults in the house know where the kids are most of the time anyway.

I'm getting off track here. Anyhoo, I did this for several months and kind of gave up because it just never stops.

Izchan hit the nail on the head: These people don't care about anyone but themselves. The law doesn't apply to them, as far as they are concerned. The mother went nuclear on her kids one night during the summer. She was ranting and raving like a mad woman, running over bicycles in the driveway. One of her kids told her to shush because of me. She then proceeded to go off on me and minding my own business..Etc...Etc (It was quite vulgar and to tell the truth, scary - this woman is not dealing with a full deck.) I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs "I would love to mind my own business and I would, if I didn't have to constantly listen to yours!"

I would move, if I could. Any other parks in the area are at least twice the rent. They are also more like the majority of the place I currently live - 10 foot lots. Believe it or not, I live in the best area of any manufactured housing community around. I also couldn't afford to move my home. Most parks do not have free lots to move a home to. You have to move into existing housing - which, is usually a 30 year old shoe box. So, I am stuck. At least, until I can save enough money to possibly buy a real home. At the current housing prices in Massachusetts, that should be about 2025.

My son and I have discussed getting a surveillance system. A wireless, motion activated camera that records on VHS. I've already invested in an alarm system because I got broken into back in 2001 (by teenage girls, no less). This seems to be my only logical choice. That way I will have videotaped evidence. I will start a log book of all the shit I put up with as well. I will look into getting a camera system after Christmas.

It amazes me that this woman still has custody of her children. DSS has been involved several times. I feel bad for the kids. They didn't ask for this. It's not their fault that they are being dragged up instead of brought up.

Isn't it funny that you need a license to drive a car but, anyone can have a kid. It doesn't matter whether or not you're qualified or can support them. Ironically, I'm paying the welfare to support those kids. Ain't life a bitch.

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