Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Skanky ho neighbor lost custody of her kids a few months ago. The 14 y/o female ended up in a troubled child camp (shocker) cuz she was cutting herself after visits with her mother. I ended up hooking up with her on Facebook. This poor kid is nothing but a victim, starving for affection like the rest of Skanky Ho's offspring.

Skanky Ho was arrested for Breaking and entering and disturbing the peace in August. She also had a B&E summons for recent activity in the neighborhood (July). Dear boyfriend was also arrested for resisting arrest at the same August activity. Both were also arrested for attempted B&E the beginning of Sept. There was another arrest for the BF for driving on a revoked license Sunday evening. Skanky Ho was arrested on a warrant.

All of this is following an eviction notice from the park, while still fighting to get her kids back. I also heard through the grapevine that Skanky Ho was filing for a Social Security Disability claim for a bad back. Being pregnant for the seventh time has put a damper on that free ride. Yes Folks, my douche bag neighbor is now pregnant with her 7th illegitimate child. Gotta do something to produce a free ride when all the previous illegitimate kids are in Foster Care.

Let's not forget that she is still illegally collecting SS Disability checks for her fucked up 6 year old son starting school this year. A child with Speech impediments and developmental disabilities resulted from Skanky Ho's alcohol and drug use during pregnancy. She is still smoking and has been extremely drunk and under heavy medication/drugs over the last two months. I've personally heard her drunken and drugged out rants and ravings at all hours of the night over the last few months.

The Eviction is still in process and could take a while. It seemed like a light at the end of the tunnel for me but now, with the new pregnancy - it could be a long road.

This evil whore should have been sterilized after her first illegitimate spawn. She only has offspring to maintain her free ride. She has been allowed to reproduce to child #7. This is your tax dollars at work. We are all paying for this disgusting drug addict whore to reproduce innocent victims into a system that we pay for.

Why aren't welfare collectors drug screened and made to support their own offspring?

I hope she is evicted and issued a no trespass order so she cannot come back. I know she will try - she thinks the laws and rules do not apply to her.

In any event ~ I live next door to a true reality show. It provides me much misery and entertainment.