Friday, May 29, 2009

Almost home

His original flight was canceled due to storms in PA.

He spent 8 hours at Columbia, SC airport.

Ended up taking a prop plane to Charlotte and is now on his final leg to Manchester, NH where his Dad is picking him up at 12:30 AM. He will be staying with Dad for now.

By the, every 5 minute texting I'm receiving, I don't think he's too excited.

From Last Weekend

I petsat last weekend at my Mom's while they went to a wedding in Maryland.
Here are some pictures.
Julieta did not like that Keegan slept with me - this is how she showed it.

She got right up in his spot. As you can see, Keegan wasn't really phased.

Mom took this with her cell phone the day they got home.
He was so happy to see his Mama.

Beautiful boy.
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Guess Who's Coming Home Tomorrow

Go ahead.


I bet you all get it the first try.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

To Kill a Mockingbird

I have, in my neighborhood, a mockingbird. He is either in love. or looking for love.

The Son-of-a-Bitch never stops.


Remember that Lionel Ritchie song, All Night Long?

Yea, it's like that.

We don't need no stinkin' full moon. A porch light will do.

I haven't put the A/C in yet, so the windows have been open at night.

I am an animal lover, you all know this. I have an English Budgie in residence. I love birds. "D" is amazed at my useless knowledge of pointing out different species and knowing mating habits.

I'm rather pacifistic at heart, unless you threaten those I love, you can go your merry way.

But this sleep deprivation terrorist has to go down.

Someone please tell me, why don't birds ever get hoarse?

If a human ever carried on like this fucker, they'd have laryngitis for a month.

He is the Energizer Bunny of birdom.....and I want him dead.

I'm not talking distant calling here. He bounces between three houses. All within 100 feet of mine.

I've always been against having a gun in my home....until now.

I'd like nothing more than to have a Dumb and Dumber version of this feathered friend duct taped to the top of the telephone pole (10 points to those that get the reference).

I pray that he either gets laid or stops bragging about getting laid before I go totally postal on his ass.

THIS is Why Music Should Not Be Cut From School Curriculum

I saw this video Thursday in work. I have a co-worker who is as big a Stevie Nicks fan as I am, (Leather and Lace was not only my Wedding song, but also the lullaby I sang most often to my son when he was an infant) he pulled me into another co-workers office to watch this. All the hair on my body stood on end and I got goosepimples listening to it. It brought tears to my eyes. It's beautiful. It's also hysterical watching the kids and their emoting.

Watch both versions - the guitar & accapella.

I just found out that this song came as a direct request from Perez Hilton. Check out the PS22 website. Stevie Nicks was so blown away by the performance she has asked the group to perform at Madison Square Garden.

I love this song, especially the Fleetwood Mac live version where Stevie says "This is for you Daddy". This song is on my "Daddy" playlist.

A very talented teacher and students.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Farrah's Special

I just watched the Farrah special. Talk about ripping your heart out...again. If you've never been touched by Cancer, let me tell you, that's exactly what it's like. The rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. You cannot help but grasp onto every straw of hope.

Hope is a powerful thing. If you lose hope....that's like giving up. Miracles do happen, every day.

The promise of recovery ripped away by metastases. Fighting the next battle only to be kicked in the nuts by it's persistence.

Watching the treatments that are supposed to kill the Cancer steal away the very life force they are trying to preserve.

Cancer will take her life, of that, I have no doubt. She has fought a courageous battle, just like my Daddy did. She has been blessed with more time than he had.

I do admire her for sharing such an intimate story, so openly, so brutally honest. She has very eloquently expressed her feelings.

I used to think she was bubble-headed blonde. Especially, when she was going through her crazy drug induced antics, as portrayed in the tabloids.

I saw a very different person with this special. I saw a beautiful, talented, humble, normal, parent, using her pop icon status for good. She is proving that being in the limelight doesn't exempt you from Cancer.

No one is immune.

All anyone afflicted with this wretched disease wants to do is LIVE.

I wish her the best. I hope there is a miracle and she does beat it, but the cynicism instilled within me from losing my Daddy whispers that the insipid fucker we call Cancer will steal another soul from our plane of existence.

If you get a chance to watch Farrah's special (I'm sure it will be available somewhere on line), do it. I believe Cancer will touch every soul on our planet, at one time or another, in one way or another.

I think Farrah wants to bring awareness, if nothing else. Awareness can bring action. Action can maybe, someday, bring a cure.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

At Least He Waited Longer Than I did

He got a tattoo.
I like it.
This surprised him.

He said to his buddies when I was on the phone with him, "She's not freaking out like I thought she would"
I said "What am I supposed to say? You're almost 19, it's your body, and I got my tattoo when I was 18. Just do me a favor and don't get sleeves."
"No way." He said "I might get one more on my other shoulder and that's it."

We shall see.
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Monday, May 04, 2009