Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Furnace fixed

to the tune of $189.83. Oh, and there could be an additional $80 charge for the after 5PM call yesterday.

New glasses to replace the ones my kid broke: $168
Replacement fan motor for furnace: $189.83
150 gallons of oil for tank: $369

Christmas: totally fucked


Chunks said...

Gee, I miss reading your blog for a few days and all hell breaks loose over here!!!

I can't believe you didn't shit yourself when that idiot driver approached you! I was freaking out, and I was in the comfort of my home!

I hope your Murphy's law syndrome goes away soon!!

Sharfa said...

Thanks, me too. I want to kick his ass out!

KFarmer said...

K say "Ohhh Murphy... come home sweetems! You are wearing out your welcome at Sharfa's dear..."

Put a smile on your pretty face dove- all will work out. Promise.