Wednesday, August 15, 2007

2 days till vacation

Need a laugh?

You can always count on Danny to at least make you smile.
Dusty thoroughly enjoys chasing Tabitha down the hall.
He thinks it's a game.
She's running for her life.
Although, she now ventures out of the bedroom and observes the whirling dervish from the height of the recliner.
Since Tabitha resembles Dusty's Mom, he sometimes mumbles his meows while heading straight for her.
One hiss reminds him "Not the Momma!"

Things have settled down enough though that I had all three cats on my bed at the same time - without flying fur. He is a hoot though, chasing every imaginary mouse or accidental hand movement he sees.

I will post video soon. He's just too funny not to share.
I saw two Red Drangonflies in my backyard the other day. I've never seen one that color before. It was pretty cool.
Sunday night son and I watched Rocky Balboa (most of it) on a 4X8 sheet of white plywood. It was very cool to watch a movie outside, with the Bats and the stars.
It will be even better when I get the permanent screen up (16X9).
I'm hoping we can see some of the Perseid meter showers in Maine this weekend. Although they peaked Sunday, we might still be able to see a few. There is little light pollution on the lake and son has never seen a meteor shower. Fail that - there is the Lunar Eclipse on the 28th. But New England isn't a great vantage point for this one.
Enjoy, it's all downhill from here.

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KFarmer said...

Hoo Hoo! Vacation time! I hope you and all the babies have a wonderful trip~ Please take lots and lots of pictures~ I've always wanted to see what Maine looked like.

I went over to Danny's spot and omg, you were right! LOL!

And those dragonflies; how lucky to see such beauty :)

I'm also happy to hear you and the son are enjoying your new toy :)