Friday, August 10, 2007

Two Years

Can you believe it's been two years?

Two very difficult horrible years.

My Grandmother has gone to North Carolina for 3 weeks with my Aunt & Uncle.
It's good, my Mom & Grandmother need a break from each other.

Only someone that lives with my Grandmother can truly understand just how hard it is.

Mom, son and I will be taking a weeks vacation soon and heading to Maine. There's a lot of work to do, but it will also be the first real vacation away from home for me in 9 years. Of course, with the dog, the kitten, the bird & the kid coming........

It won't be all work though. Mom wants to go to the ocean for a day.

I also splurged on a new toy. I already tried it out at home - it's so freakin cool! The refurbished Moviemate 25 all in one projector was a steal at $450. I have to give big kudos to Epson. I ordered the unit online on Friday, got free shipping and it was delivered MONDAY! Now that's some good customer service. Son thinks he died and went to heaven - Halo on the big screen?! A teen dream. It should be nice watching movies on the deck in the evenings.

And now - for a few laughs:

This is gonna catch on like wildfire......NOT

This is too cute for words.

Crazy like a Fox.

Backyard entertainment.

Happy Friday - have a good weekend, just not too good.


Chunks said...

You're taking the bird and the kitten too?! WoW! That should lead to some interesting blog entries! Document it for me, m'kay?

I loved the fox on the trampoline vid! That is exactly what my dog does when we put him up there! So funny!

Have a great weekend!

KFarmer said...

From what I've heard and witnessed, it's hard living with an elderly person~ even if you love them dearly. I told my kids to put me in a home and bring me a new cd every now and again and a box of Dove chocolate~ ;)

Babe, you have your own traveling circus! What fun you are going to have! Enjoy!

Congrats on the NEW TOY! I love it when people get new things to play with :) I'm sure you and the boy will have hours and hours of fun :)

Those videos! OMG! When I saw the one w/the puppy & kitten, I laughed out loud! It also gave me the chocolate lab fever...I hope it goes away.

Suldog said...

Ugh. Who's the dope who wants to bring swimsuits back to the 1910's? Somebody shoot him/her.

The videos all made me laugh, but (for some perverse reason) especially the twirl-a-squirrel. And I LIKE squirrels!

I LOVE YOU said...