Thursday, August 16, 2007

Size Me

Oprah made it all the rage. Up until yesterday - I had never been fitted for a bra.

Don't get me wrong, I love "the girls" and want to take care of them. Having someone that reminds of my Grandmother measure and fondle them wasn't something I was looking forward to though.

Let me tell you ladies, run, don't walk to your nearest lingerie store and get properly fitted for a bra. I wish I had done it years ago. Marjorie, the grandmotherly lady that measured me was so matter of fact about the whole thing I was put at ease right away. She measured me right in the middle of the store, right over my clothes. To prove to me that she knew her stuff, she declared my size before measuring me, she nailed it. Not my boob - my size. Dirty minds!

She picked out two bras for me, one black, one white (fits the basic needs). I had received a gift certificate from my Aunt for this particular store. D had met me at the store after work, she needed a new sports bra. The sneaky wench got me another $50 gift certificate as a belated b'day and a thank you gift. She had left after getting her purchase but called me just a couple minutes later. "Make sure you buy one sexy bra and not just a bunch of old lady bras".

Marjorie got a hoot out of that and picked out a transparent brown lacy number for me. I left with 4 well fitting new bras and a smile on my face.

Ladies, a great bra not only lifts the boobies - it can lift your spirits.

It's almost as if there is some kind of link with our brains and nipples. Gravity takes over and sends them Earthward, our head follows. We look down, it is, after all , the direction they are pointing. With a new bra, man! They aim forward! I need to follow.....they even look perky! Much like me today.

Spend the $30 or $40 bucks to get a great bra. You're worth it, they are worth it, and you will feel better about just about everything. Cradle those girls in support and comfort - you'll be glad you did!


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Not too shabby.

One more day till vaca!

I'm going to try and post some PICs of Maine. I realized from KFarmers comment that I talk about it so much yet no one has the visual. A few pictures and you'll understand the magick of the place.


KFarmer said...

They don't make a bra small enough for my little puppies... I'd be too shy and would die if I went there just to hear them say~ "go to the little girls department!" ;) lol...

Again, have a wonderful time in Maine and thanks for thinking of the pics~ really looking forward to seeing them :)

Suldog said...

KFarmer - I feel compelled to say something. I hope it's helpful.

There's a general perception that men (or, perhaps, even other women, depending upon your orientation) love large boobs and have disdain for smaller ones. This is not always true. Some of the sexiest women I've had the pleasure of knowing were not overly endowed.

Sure, I see a huge rack coming at me, it catches the eye. But more often than not, my first thought is, "She must have such trouble with those - backaches, sweats, unwanted stares, etc." And, truth be told, many times they don't fit the body. They look out of proportion.

Without going to essay length, let me just reassure you that you have absolutely nothing to worry about or be ashamed of or anything else. The most important physical thing - to me - is that a woman carry herself proudly, however she's built. And, really, the physical, no matter what it is, isn't what makes for true lasting friendship or love.

Sharfa said...

K - What I wouldn't give to have my lil mosquito bites back. Back in my size 5/6 days there were no worries about sagging or having to wear a bra. The only reason I have boobs is cause I'm fat! I'll bet a professional bra fitter could find something beautiful and sexy for you.

Sully - a "huge rack" catches everyones eye. I'm with you - my first thought is "Damn - that's gotta hurt". That's why I don't get the ladies that have EEE implants. It doesn't look natural, it makes you look heavier than you really are, and I personally don't think it's an attractive look.

KFarmer said...

Wow, you guys! Such nice things to say~ thanks :)

I've always been more boy shaped than girly. When I was young, I used to dream of the day I could "buy" a pair of big mamas~that was until I got a baby in my tummy. I grew these huge knockers and did not like them at all~ They got in my way, I could not run, reach over for things; the list goes on and on... I hated them.

Really, thank ya'll but believe me; me and my little puppies are just fine. I look absolutely silly with big ta~ta's. I guess it's just what you get used to and are comfortable with.

That and you're right sd, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The hubby loves me just the way I am :)

S~ I'll try next time I'm in town to see if I can find something that will drive the hubby wild~ omg, this will be so silly~

Again, thank you both for being so kind and... supportive :)

Dick said...

I love them all. When it comes to breasts, size really doesn't matter to me, just proximity.
Glad a got a good fit.

Becky said...


This is hilarious! I've always been afraid to be fitted... although I'm sure I'd be surprised with the results... but after your description of Marjorie, I just might make an appointment this weekend :)

Thanks for making it less scary!