Thursday, February 28, 2008


Left work early yesterday cause I had sumptin' in my eye for a few hours that was hurting and irritating. Whatever it was dislodged itself on the way to the Dr's.
4 hours, a PCP & ophthalmologist visit later...I scratched my eyeball. I have to put that ooey gooey ointment in my eye 4 times a day. B-E-A-U-tiful!

Doctor also mentioned that I have the beginnings of a cataract in my right eye. Wha? I'm 43 for cryin' out loud!?! He said it can be caused by smoking.......

It's time to start listening to the universe for she is just about beating me over the head telling me to quit.

So much for wearing my contacts to the show Friday.


KFarmer said...

Dang, how I missed this post I have no idea~ I hope your eye feels better. I've scratched mine and so know how bad it hurts ;(

I've made baby steps myself about the quitting thing. I started smoking those Native cigs that are supposed to be all natural w/no additives. It was difficult as I wanted MY BRAND but too bad so sad... I even bought that new medicine but have done little more than stare at the pills. I'm such a scarey chicken when it comes to that stuff. You would think I would be more scared of the side effects of the smokes huh? There is a new book out though that I thought I would buy and I've heard a few success stories with quitting when they read the book. That's more to my liking~ Good luck lovey :)

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