Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2 Days

Till John Edward! Can you believe it?

I went to an actual Spa/Salon for a haircut yesterday. On the off chance that our show will be taped for TV, I do not want to be the one with the auburn football head, mustache and bushy eyebrows.

So I treated myself. I haven't had a haircut since last spring and though it had grown to shoulder length I couldn't really style it. I have a LOT of hair on my head. Now it's lighter, layered, updated fun, funky and EASY! I'm so beyond spending an hour on my hair in the mornings. I was getting aggravated having to spend more than 10 minutes on it. Occasionally it was fun to use the straightening iron - but on a daily basis? I'd rather pull out nose hairs. Since I deserve it - I went for an eyebrow & lip wax too.

I decided to try someplace a bit more upscale than my usual place. It's cheap and family run, but it's also kinda grungy and the longtime employees aren't familiar with new techniques and what's hip. No matter what I said I wanted when I walked in the door I ended up with the old lady short cut just this side of a mens regular cut.

It must have been fate/karma/the universe at work again when I ended up with A as my stylist. Not only was she intuitive about the style I wanted, she is also very talented and paid great attention to detail. We connected on another level though. Her Dad died of cancer 5 years ago and she just got his ashes and personal belongings this past weekend. It was a long story but we related on our after death experiences and she damn near fell on the floor when I told her that I was seeing John Edward Friday.
I told her that there were still tickets available for tonight and tomorrow nights added shows. Who knows - she might end up seeing him before me.

Although I've felt very much alone, and small and lost over the last 10 months. Meeting A gives me faith that we are all connected somehow and people are brought into our lives for a reason.

I just hope A was right when she said "I have a feeling you and your Mom will get read and my intuition is never wrong"


KFarmer said...

I know the feeling about the hair~ I'm still waiting on mine to get long enough to pull all the curls out so I won't have to spend all day drying and ironing...yuck. I want to see a picture and I'm happy to hear you treated yourself to the delux treatment :)

John Edward is amazing. Please let me know when your show is going to be on TV. I'd love to see it :)

Suldog said...

Yeah, ditto what KFARMER said. Well, not about the hair. I haven't known that feeling in at least 25 years. But, yeah, I'd like to see the show.

RoxRocks said...

I hate my hair and am jealous of your new 'do! LOL!