Friday, February 29, 2008

5 hours to go

Although I'm trying to remain chill and open minded without expectations for tonight. It's fairly difficult to contain my excitement right now!

Mom & I have reservations to go out to dinner before the show. Maybe a cocktail or two will help calm my nerves. I'm bringing a mini recorder just in case we do get read. I know I'll go into brain lock and make like Rainman if I'm put on the spot.

I wonder how many people that have been on the show have those "Duh!" "Forehead slap" moments when it's all over.

Son doesn't know I will not be home tonight, yet. Gives him less time to plan getting into trouble or, God forbid, a party at my house.

The best thing so far about tonight? The impending snowstorm will not move in until after midnight. KFarmer is planting spring crops....we're still shoveling white shit!

I hope to blog all about the show tomorrow - have a good weekend!


KFarmer said...

Do tell!! I can't wait to hear all about your time w/Mom/dinner/show :)

& hun, yesterday morning it was 26 outside...but on the upside, today its supposed to be 70. Its a wonder all of us (not just most) down here are sick as dogs. Hot/cold baby! But planting must continue even if you have a little extra moisture dripping on the crops~ lol..

Hope you had a nice time :)

RoxRocks said...

I can't wait to read about what happened!

KFarmer, I'm so jealous! We have about a foot and a half of snow still and this morning it was -30C.

Melissa said...

I've been holding my breath (well, not literally because I can't do that) to see how things went. I didn't read here until after the fact, so I can't have sent out good kharma in time, but I hope that retro-active kharma wishes work in this topsy turvy universe.

Suldog said...

So? What happened? Do tell!

Melissa said...

Can I start to pester now? The wait is too much! It's like waiting for an episode of Lost. I find I need to know how the show was, even if you didn't get a reading.

Sharfa said...

Sorry peeps, you have every right to pester me!
I should have posted the day after.
It's up now though.