Tuesday, March 11, 2008

John Edward live

My bad for not posting about our experience sooner. As you can probably guess - we didn't get read.

We went out to a wonderful lobster dinner at the Summer Shack. We had steamers and each got one of jasper's pan roasted lobster (1½ lb.). OMG was it delish!

We arrived at the event about 5 after 6 (doors opened at 6). I was surprised when I entered as the room was already half full....and it held had seating for 500 people.

Not exactly the intimate setting I was hoping for at $175ea tickets. Think about that for a sec., 500 tickets at $175 each, that's $87,500. John sold out our show so quickly he added two more. That's $262,500 for three 2 hour shows. That's $43,750 per hour or $729.17 per minute or $12.15 per second.

I'm in the wrong line of work.

What happens when you put 500 people in a room together? It heats up....a lot. They turned on the A/C for about 5 minutes. People were melting in their heavy winter sweaters. Getting out in the bitter 20 degree night was refreshing, when the show was over.

Now that the negatives are out of the way, the show was enjoyable. He did 7 or 8 readings. One family was sitting next to my Mom.

He had many humorous moments. There was Elizabeth, the matriarch of one family that wanted everyone to know she orchestrated this event. At various times throughout the evening John would jump back to Elizabeth's family with an anecdote or comment.

Observations on John - he is just as good looking in person as he is on TV. He is much more soft spoken than you would think. His show gives you the impression that he has this commanding voice, it's more good audio than that. He was wearing his glasses and his trademark leather coat when he came on stage. He shed the coat quickly though and rolled up his sleeves. He did announce that he just had a second child - this one wasn't planned and the "boys" (his guides) didn't give him a heads up about it.

When he came on stage he launched into his oft repeated speech about not giving anything away, simply acknowledge the validation. He gave an example of some mediums talking about "a woman in a blue dress with flowing hair......" which he said - could be anyone. He was much more specific in his readings. He had a lot of hits, from where I was sitting.

At one point when reading a family in the back, John mentioned the 27th of the month and lung cancer. My Dad's birthday is on the 27th and, of course, he died from lung cancer. My Mom and I looked at each other, both thinking "Should we put our hands?", but John quickly moved on to something else. This is the part where you wonder if it was meant for you and you missed your opportunity.

There was one family of Husband & Wife and two girls (daughter & daughter in law?). John brought up "some kind of irritable bowl", all be it hesitantly. The husband raised his hand and said "Thanks John." Quite the mortifying validation. John talked about a wedding, one of the girls there had recently wed, and then he talked about a second wedding. The husband shook his head and said "No". Well, the wife damn near dope slapped him with "Your sons getting married". That got a good chuckle. I see what is meant by psychic amnesia when put on the spot, I'd forget my own name!

There was another couple that had just gotten married and were traveling to the Dominican Republic and having a second reception or more like a party. All revealed by John.

There was one whole row of women that he read. You could tell his hits by the shocked looks on their faces.

There was a Mother/Daughter he read closer to the stage. At one point he talked about not getting bogged down in grief and stopping living. The Mom was openly sobbing in her grief. That was relevant to me. It still feels like yesterday, not 332 days. It hasn't gotten any better, just different.

There was another family that John brought up going to Korea, someone was going to Korea (I believe it was a mother coming through). The male said "Yes, my brother". Then John got this funny look and said "He doesn't want to go, he doesn't like Korea."
The guy started laughing. It turns out that his brother is in the army and was stationed in Korea for a while and he hated it, now he's going back for another short stint.

There's much more that I cannot recall details of, at the moment. One of the mic girls (# girls running around to families giving them microphones for their reading) chimed in when it was 8:45 and John then picked 4 people out of the audience for questions.
I'll recap with my Mom and write in more details that I've forgotten.

It was interesting and fun, but it still hasn't convinced me one way or the other. That's what I'm having the most trouble with - what happens after we die. Do I believe all the signs I've received? Is it all just coincidence? For one brief moment while driving in my car a few months back, I felt it. I mean, I really, truly felt it in my heart and knew it in my bones that we are all still connected and death of the body is just a change in that connection. It was the only joyous moment I've felt in a long, long time. It was a fleeting and brief moment. I want to find that happy thought again, so I can fly.

I'd certainly pay the $60 charge for one of John's larger seminars, but I don't know that I'd pay the $175 for a group of 500 again.

Post any questions in the comments section and I'll try to answer them here.

One last odd and strange moment came towards the end of the night for me. While watching John on stage, I began to see an aura around him. This has never happened to me before. There was definitely a white to gold aura around his entire body. It appeared to pulse and moved with him. It was a bizarre experience for me and I haven't researched what it means yet.


RoxRocks said...

I understand the desire to still feel connected to someone who is gone but I can't get over the feeling that John Edward is opportunistic. The guy made a quarter of a million dollars in six hours giving people a sliver of hope that he would tell them something about their loved one. It would be interesting what John Edward would say with ONE person in the room for free, is all I'm saying. I believe anyone can walk into a room of 500 and say "Someone here just recently got married in the Dominican..."

I don't want to sound like an ass Sharfa, but you know everything there is to know about your dad. He is living in you, with your memories and the other gifts he has given you in his life. What do you need John Edward for? You already HAVE the connection to your dad that you crave.

Having just lost my mother in law two months ago, I'm also going through the grieving process. I try every day to remember what it was she taught me while she was still here and by talking about her and laughing about things she laughed about, well, it makes it feel like she hasn't really left us. We're all trying to keep living, like she did, full blast. I think your dad would want that for you and your mom too.

Big hugs to you, today and always.

KFarmer said...

Well I'm sorry after all that expense you did not get a turn but happy to hear you and your mom got out and about together and had a delish dinner and wonderful show.

I don't have any questions, although I think you still have many. You are still seeking and will find the answers in your own time. When you do, peace will fill your heart again.

It's not been a year yet dove and he was after all, your lovey dovey dad.

Luv you babe~

Suldog said...

Thanks for the rundown.

You've probably gathered that I'm a Christian, so you know where my feelings are in regards to afterlife, etc., but I'm always open to exploring. There are many wonders on God's green earth, and many ways He has of delivering that wonder, so it would be pompous for me to think I know them all.

Thanks again.

Melissa said...

Sharfa, thanks for sharing. I figured that since it had been so long, you did not get a read.

i hope that the peace you're seeking comes someday. kfarmer's right, it's only been a year. But time doesn't make it go away, just makes it feel a little less near. Still, that glimpse you had about life/death/continuance, I think that's the real deal.

It's been 13 years for me, and every day I miss my Dad. When my kids started asking where my dad was, I got that lump in my throat. I wish he was here to meet them. He'd be as in love with them as I am. There's nothing I can do to change it, but I can remember him to them and make him a real part of their lives, to the best I know how.

Not that that's entirely good enough sometimes. I understand the whole not living forever thing. It just seems that less than forever is too short. :)

Ah, this wasn't supposed to be about me.

I am here for you. :) You're in my thoughts.