Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dusty, the Double Dew Claw Devil

He's in full kitten mode. I have become a launching and landing pad. I have the scratches on my thighs to prove it. He bounces more than Tigger. I'm talking uncontrolled flight when he's going full tilt. He can leap coffee tables in a single bound, loves skidding across the kitchen floor on plastic bags or diving at a full run into a paper bag. He has brought my son to hysterical laughter chasing the feather & bell on a string.

He and Cuddles have napped together on the couch - within 6 inches of each other. He's dying to pounce on Julieta and will get very close as long as her back is turned, but he'll still verbally backfires (spits) when nose to nose. Tabitha has even started to venture out of the bedroom.

He has squirmed his way into my heart forever. He's even had free roam of the house for the last two nights. He responds well to a verbal "Nah uh" or hiss from me when he is about to get into trouble.

He does everything with gusto. He plays hard, sleep so soundly he has fallen off the windowsill and slept right through rain coming in the window and soaking him. He eats like a champ and who knew such a big stink could come out of such a lil butt.

He has made me laugh more in the last week than I have in the last two years. I have no doubt he was brought into my life for a reason and has already repaid me with love and joy.

I don't think I've saved him - He is saving me.


Anonymous said...

:::smiling::: I'm so glad to know that Dusty is doing so well - he sounds like a little champ!

Amazing how something so little and furry can make a person feel so happy. :)

KFarmer said...

Lady, you had me laughing then leaking~ I'm glad you've found and captured the joy radiating out of your little fur ball.

You know I'm certifiable, but I really belive every time you laugh with joy and mirth, the saddness that you hold inside is expelled with the force~ :)

So much happiness coming from a small act of kindness~

Sharfa said...

thimbelle - he is - he's love in a gray fur coat.

k - I really like your theory. Laughing certainly gets rid of more saddness than the belching and farting does.

Chunks said...

They do save us, the critters! Oh god, now I'm channelling Ellie Mae!

I'm glad the little one is giving you so much joy.

Suldog said...

Whenever we care for (or about) another being, the caring is always returned in greater proportion than that which we gave. I firmly believe that. Even when the return isn't readily and immediately apparent, it's there.

You've just given me more proof that life is swell. Thank you!