Friday, August 17, 2007

Random thoughts

I tried posting a couple pics of Maine last night but Picasa was not cooperating.
Plus.....unploading pics on dial up connections takes foreva!

Dusty is taking great delight in tormenting the shit out of Tabitha. He just wants to play. Tabitha hisses and growls....slinks across the floor.....Dusty is a hit and run driver. He loves to ambush, piss off and then retreat. It's pretty funny to watch.

I have a desk full of work to finish and things to tie up before I go on vaca, then I still have a million and one things to do at home to get ready & pack. I feel like I need to rent a UHaul just to get everything & everyone in one vehicle.

I have a major case of the guilty's going on too. I haven't spoken with Bob (Dad's business partner & best friend) since shortly after the party in June. I feel terrible about it. I've been having a very tough time and I don't want to dump on him. I know how hard it's been for he and Ginny and I know he'll probably be ticked that I haven't called for that reason. He would love nothing more than for me to lean on him - we both miss my Dad so much. I haven't sent him the pictures from the party yet either. I was without my PC for almost a month and haven't gotten it together enough to finish everything up. (That's part of why I want to bring my PC to Maine for vaca).

So here is a formal apology to Bob and Gin for my absence. I miss talking to you guys and would really like a great big hug. I'll give you a call from Maine and catch up. I love you guys!

On a footnote: My bro has had his ski mobiles under the deck and directly in front of the master bedroom slider for 9 months now (In Maine). He was told back in late April/early May that he need to get them out of there. I even have a trailer I was going to give him for it. As of Wednesday - they were still sitting there. I spoke with bro and told him he had a day and a half to get them out of there. If they are still there when we get up to Maine - I'm calling someone to come get them & sell them, bro can turn over the titles to Mom as payment for all the cash he has borrowed and promised to pay back. He has made all kinds of promises to Mom, he's never around (at all), never finished the yard work he promised to do in April, does nothing to help out my Mom. I'm fed up with him. I've had it with his lying ass. The prick.

OK - done venting for now. I'd better get my own ass in gear - so much to do, so little time!


Chunks said...

Wow~ you've been busy! Have a great vacation, what a great time to go to Maine! Can't wait to see photos.

Just curious, how far off were you in the bra thing? Like was the size you were wearing way off?

KFarmer said...

Dusty sounds like a typical male!~ambush~ lol.. ;)

I'm sure B&G understand dove~ but I do hope you get to talk to them. I think it would do you all good.

Hope you have a grand time in Maine~ I know you are wizzed at your bro, but don't give him a second thought. Worrying about him and his actions or lack thereof are wasted energy. Some folks you just can't do nuthin about iffen you knows what I mean~


Emon said...

Hi, found your blog via Suldog! Hope you're enjoying your vacation!

Becky said...

Your last comment on MM's blog really touched me... I had to come check you out. You're incredible - I'll definitely be back. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Sharfa said...

Chunks - I'll e-mail you that info privately...and yes.

K - It turns out, my first peek was correct. Dusty has a Vajayjay, not a penis. The vet mis-sexed her.
Had a good time in Maine, will post about it.

emon - WELCOME! and thank you!

Becky - Thank you. I've been reading MM since his beginning. I don't even remember how I got there. His was the first blog I ever commented on, I was so nervous about doing it too! Now, I have no problem speaking my mind, honestly and from my heart.

I'm humbled by your compliment, truly. MM is the incredible writer, not me. He inspired me to start blogging, he liked my smart ass comments so much. And - you're a pretty good blogger yourself there missy!