Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Technically speaking....

Some of you might have wondered what's up with the neighbors. So here's a brief update.

The daughter and her 3 youngest did move out. She left her oldest son in a psych hospital and the next oldest son with her brother. She moved to Chicago with the new BF but was seen a couple months ago, back in the area and had visited her son in the hospital. I knew it wouldn't last long living with the new BF's Mother. There has been legal maneuvering and she cannot sign her son out of the psych ward. Best thing for those two boys was her leaving, without her, they have a chance. I pity the 3 she still has custody of.

I recently found out that she left her mother with $30k of hidden debt, it continues to grow as more is found out. All has been very quiet next door with them gone. It's peaceful. I haven't posted a video of me dancing a jig because, technically - Grandma's still there. Although she has stated that she'd never let her daughter and grandchildren move back in, you cannot believe a word out of any of their mouths. The only guarantee will be when Grandma leaves.

Grandma's plan is to fix up the place and try to sell it and move into a retirement home. My guess is, she'll move in with her son. It's only been since the skanky daughter left that a different son has been by to visit. A son I never knew she had, a son who didn't want to subject himself to his psycho sister. If Grandma can't sell the place then she'll let the bank take it. She has cleaned it up considerably inside and out. There's still a long way to go, but I'm not going to complain.

I still plan to dance a jig when she's gone and there will be video involved!


Chunks said...

As much as I hate to party when others are hurting, I will gladly party with you when this thing is all over with! I'll dance with ya baby!!

KFarmer said...

Thanks for the update- I was wondering what the Adam's family was up to these days.

And if there's a jig to be danced, I'm your girl-just let me know when :)

Suldog said...

I truly want to see the jig video. You'd better come through!