Friday, February 16, 2007

Damien Rice: 'Cannonball'

I got turned on to Damien Rice when I searched out "Delicate" when it played on Lost. The man is brilliant.

Give him a listen, it's worth your time.


Chunks said...

Have you heard "Blowers' Daughter"? It was used in the movie "Closer". Well, I tell you what honey, that song is amazing! Damien Rice indeed!

KFarmer said...

I wish I could listen but my speakers some how managed to get unhooked when I cleaned behind the computer a week ago... Perhaps the daughter will feel sorry for her dumb ass mom and hook them up correctly... ;)

Sharfa said...

Love Blowers' Daughter. His music strikes a chord in me, the way it flows, some of it so melancholy yet hopeful. Gotta love those Irishmen! You should know that I discovered Wide Mouth Mason because of you, Chunks, and have downloaded many, many of their songs. :)

K - Feel sorry for you?! Go with guilt: You tell her you need her to put that fine college edumacation (that you worked your fingers to the bone for & made so many sacrifices for) to some good use! ;)

BTW - Limewire is my preferred choice of P2P networks for finding music.