Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bah Humbug!

I have a question for all of you:

Where are you at with your Christmas Shopping? I know that Holiday Shopping is the more politically correct phrase. Go HERE to find out exactly how I feel about that.

Are you already done? I hate you.
Not even started yet? At least I'm ahead of you
Got some but oh so much more to buy, bake, craft? High fives! We're in the same boat

Can I say how much I hate shopping!
People are soooooooooo rude, ignorant and selfish. Like Chunks said a little freakin courtesy goes a long way. These people that take up entire isles and cannot be bothered to get out of the way are going to find my foot up their ass very soon!

That's why I've let my fingers do some of the shopping online and I'm firing up the oven and glue gun for the rest of it.

So, Where you at?


KFarmer said...

You and I are soooo alike- I have bought my son's and daughters on line and the rest... shit. I did bake some cookies and tried to put them in the freezer for later. This is not working so well. lol.. I am saving it for next week :)

Suldog said...

Partially done. Easy stuff out of the way, not so much the more difficult.

By the way, went to read Tidbits/Chunks and YES!!! 100%.

Chunks said...

Thanks guys!

I'm almost done. I'm always almost done though. I wrap then I look and think, this isn't enough, then I go out, get annoyed, wrap some more, then Christmas morning I ALWAYS say, "Oh man, we overdid it again!"

My new motto when I am out shopping is, "You know, I can just go home if I want to!" Calms me down. That and I imagine squeezing the offending person's face in my hands until their eyes pop out. Oh, I probably shouldn't have typed that last part.