Wednesday, December 13, 2006


2 = Small Tumors untreated, Chemo rounds scheduled (2 months)
3 = The number of Tumors we thought he had
6 = Weeks until follow up
9 = Tumors treated
11 = Tumors Total
14 = Hours at the hospital
80-90 = What Mom's heart rate has dropped to, though it's still irratic

It was a very, very long day for my folks. I haven't seen the PICS Mom took of Dad with the Halo on yet. Tough to eat wearing that thing and, he couldn't wear his glasses, so he couldn't even read. They left 2 tumors untreated because they would have had to reconfigure the machine and apparently thats very time consuming. They found a total of 11 because they did a high contrast MRI, the extras decided not to show up on the regular MRI. In a way that could be considered a good thing. At least they are small and they zapped what they could.

Dad had chemo when he went to the oncologist Tuesday. It kind of surprised my folks because they thought this was more of an update consult. His #'s were up a bit - but that could have been due to the Gamma rays. All the hair that started to come in on his head is going to fall out again.

January is the follow ups. He'll also have lung, ab., pelvis MRI as well as head MRI and then we'll see where we are at.

Mom is about the same. Pulse rate down in the 80-90 range - but irratic. She still hasn't converted. She's got an upcoming appointment as well to see what her next step is.

Hurry up and wait.....again.

Thank you for all your well wishes and mojo!


KFarmer said...

I think bald headed men are attractive. I guess that from growing up military :)

Sounds like they are actively treating your dad and thats good news. Hang in there love- and call me if you need me. When you see my hawk, know I'm thinking of you and sending my good stuff your way :)

Suldog said...

Thanks for getting us up to speed, Sharfa. Prayers continue.