Friday, December 15, 2006


Mom is going in to Mass General Monday to be converted. No, not to the religion of Hospital worship, but to a normal heart rhythm. They will sedate her and shock her heart.

Apparently, it's not a big deal and they do this all the time. Not with my Mother you don't!

Seriously though, it's an outpatient procedure and she should be fine. She just can't take feeling like she has been anymore. I don't blame her, she's wiped out at the slightest effort. Meds should help keep her from reverting back to A-Fib.

I only wish everything could be fixed with a good jolt of electricity.



Chunks said...

I am keeping your parents in my thoughts. I just want you guys to all have a good Christmas together. Screw the presents. Play Scrabble together, eat pie, take pictures, make memories.

KFarmer said...

I will be thinking and sending good thoughts especially to your Mom tomorrow- but you all are in my daily prayers. I'll be home all week- call me if you need me and I will call you if I think you need me or I just need you. Got that? Good- hugs and love to you :)

KFarmer said...

UPdate... please.