Thursday, August 03, 2006

Psychic Dope Slap

Friday July 21st, I watered the plants in my office, just like any other Friday. I was working at my computer when this plant:

Which used to hang here:

Directly above me, fell right on my head. The hanger broke. I let out a yell that brought everyone in the office running. It was quite the sight. I had mud in my hair & ear. My left shoulder was covered, as well as the front & back of my shirt. There was a pile of mud on my carpet. All I could do was laugh. Cathy cleaned most of it up while I shook out my shirt and cleaned up my chair. I was planning on leaving early anyway, now it wasn't by choice.

This event, in and of itself, would be considered a freak accident.

I got some strange looks walking to my car and filling up at the gas station. I was a mess.

I hopped in the shower when I got home. I had to wash my hair twice to get all the mud out. I was sitting on the shower floor, shaving my legs when, the fingernail brush (you know, the ones that have a brush on one side and a pumice stone on the other) fell off the shelf and on my head. I looked up and said out loud "Whats with dropping all this shit on my head?!" Am I so psychically challenged that whoever is trying to get my attention feels it necessary to dope slap me?

This morning I was working at my PC again when an odd sound caught my attention. I looked up at this picture,

That hung here - over my bulletin board:

The picture dropped an inch onto the top of my bulletin board and proceed to fall forward, directly towards me and my monitor. Instinctively, I jumped up and grabbed the frame before it connected with my monitor. Another shout out brought everyone running again. This picture has hung there for 3 years or so and hasn't been touched since it was put up.

Upon further inspection, we discovered that one of the screws attaching the hanging wire to the frame just pulled right out.

I'm having trouble dismissing these events as coincidences. Posted by Picasa


Melissa said...

Um, Sharfa, ya, does the Mojo (for lack of another term) have your attention now?

Wow, hitting you on the head to get your attention.

Literally :)

Believe in it. I think I do, and moreso now that I've been reading along with you.


Denise said...

Yeah, that could definitely be other forces at work. But seriously, did they need to give you a concussion almost to say "what's up"?

I'd feel exactly as you would. It's just so bizarre that it couldn't be mere coincidence.

Magazine Man said...

Have you been to a hospital or clinic recently, with your dad maybe? It's very common for a confused haint to attach themselves to you and follow you home. Happened to a coworker of mine. Mostly, they're just confused and need acknowledgement and direction. You might try to talking to it, like you would a plant, and gently tell it it needs to go home (usually pointing west is the traditional direction). Email me if you need more specific directions. I was planning to blog about my coworkers' experience during my new round of October Moments this fall, but I'll gladly fill you in first.

KFarmer said...

I think MM has hit the nail on this one too S. It would be interesting if someone took a picture of you (full body shot) to see if they would show up. I've never had one mad at me before for taking their picture but check w/MM before you do. Mine have all been accidental and they just wanted to be in there- maybe just to say hey. Yours sounds like what I call a "prankster".

Sharfa said...

Melissa & Denise - I should point out that I wasn't hurt by any of the incidents, even when the plant fell on my head, it didn't even leave a bump.I was stunned each time - but not hurt in the least.

MM - No, I haven't been near a hospital or clinic since my Grandfather passed last August and I visited him in the nursing home the day before he passed away, August 8th. Is that pertinent to your theory?

K - we'll take pictures this weekend in Maine, of me & Dad, to see if anything turns up.