Friday, August 04, 2006

Neighborhood Gossip

I was speaking with neighbor last night while walking the dog. She told me that the children and the daughter from next door moved to Ohio with the new boyfriend.

I did a double take.

This must have happened while I was in Maine cause one of the boys was starting up the Camaro, revving it and playing the stereo loudly (directly beneath my living room windows) just last Thursday. No wonder it has been so quiet this week.

Like the rats leaving a sinking ship. She bailed on her mother and left two junk vehicles in her driveway, and I can only imagine what the inside of that pigsty looks like.

I'm not dancing yet - but I am certainly tapping my toes.

Sunday night update:

K, the boy that was in the Camaro last week, was there Friday, doing the same. He has been living with his Uncle & going to school in NH. Apparently, his Mom moved to Ohio and left him with her brother. Last I heard, the oldest son was in a psych ward, because he attempted to kill the family & planned on killing himself. I think he just got big enough to fight back (from the physical abuse) and Mom couldn't handle that. The whole crew is a bunch of liars. I know this from first hand experience.

Mom was nice enough to take in her daughter, son-in-law and 2 children - which grew to 5 children over the course of 11 years. There is a 6th grandchild in there somewhere that daughter doesn't have custody of - the luckiest of the bunch, IMHO. That's right, 6 children that I help support via welfare. She had her first at 16. A cycle her 2 daughters will no doubt repeat.

Daughter & son-in-law split, new BF moved in 6 months later. The youngest 3 look more like the new BF than their supposed father. If you do the math, there were 8 people living in a 2 bedroom, 14X72 mobile home. There is a small porch addition that was converted to 2 bedrooms, with storm windows and no heat. When the BF moved in for two months, his 4 children would visit on the weekends. Math = 12!

Grateful daughter moves to Ohio with 3 of her 6 children. Leaves Mom with eviction, 2 junk vehicles in the driveway and all her crappy furniture. Priceless!

Saturday morning Grandma's son and ex son-in-law were at the house. The van was gone. At least there is progress.

I was hoping to come home and find their place empty. No such luck. I am looking forward to more this week.

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