Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dancin in the Streets

Things have been fairly quiet with my neighbors, fairly. They rearranged the vehicles in the driveway (Two that are undrivable & one belonging to the brother that doesn't live there). They parked the LOUD Camaro about 12 inches from my house, right under my living room windows.. Kirk (14 year old) likes to start it up and rev the piss out of it while blasting the stereo. Nice.

When I arrived home last night there was a sheriff parked out in front. I noticed some kind of paperwork stuck in the door of their house. Obviously they didn't answer when he knocked.

Dare I hope that he was serving an eviction notice? There is another home in the park that has eviction notices from the court posted on it that is up for sale now. If you get evicted by the court, the sheriff serves you and sets a day & time to move you out. Once that happens you cannot live in the home any longer and you have 120 days to try and sell your home.

Is it really possible that one nightmare could be coming to an end?

I'll dance a jig in the middle of the street the day they go. Maybe even get together with the neighbors and throw a block party.


KFarmer said...

WHOOOP WHOOOP WHOOOP! I'm dancing already! Great news!!! Sounds like down the road they go to me! I want a picture of the jig by the way :)

James Cooper said...

My girlfriend, buddhist that she is, would say this is just another example of karmic justice coming around. Athiest that I am I just like to say they're just getting what they deserve. Either way, as Bill & Ted would say -- party on dudes!

Denise said...

I am only crossing my fingers such a thing will happen in my neighborhood where 10+ people are living in townhomes and playing loud, thumping music in the cars that make the window panes shake. A decade ago, this was not the ghetto it is turning into.

I'm not even getting into the unsupervised kids(young and old) out on the streets, darting out in front of oncoming traffic intentionally and the parents you never see.

Odds are though, I will move out before any of them are gone. So I totally sympathize and hope your nightmare is at its end!

You need someone to video you doing this jig and then put it on you tube so we can see. :)