Friday, August 04, 2006

Dog Days of Summer

When it's 106 degrees out, like it was earlier this week, it's good to stretch out in front of the fan that blows the cool air conditioned air on you. (Yes, she always uses a pillow & yes, she loves laying in front of a fan).

But, when you're waiting for Mom to get home, the best seat in the house is by the window that views the street. (How does she curl that long frame into such a small space?

This is her guilty look. She knows that's Mom's chair.

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KFarmer said...

She is adorable! Dog has a look similar to that- ... She is at my feet now, waiting for a cookie :)

Denise said...

Aw! She is just so cute! I have neighbor who has a pair of the friendliest greyhounds I have ever met.

Her being stretched out and using the pillow reminds me of one of my siamese kitties, Aslan. He's such a fattie because my family spoils him and whenever he lays on the couch, he uses the pillow. I'm starting to think he is mimicking my Dad.

Stu said...

Hey, why the long face? Hahahahah! Sorry, I couldn't resist. Besides, he looks as though he's heard that joke before.

Also, seriously, he is looooooong. Does he eat rubber bands or chewing gum or something? 'Cause, wow, he is amazingly long!

I'm sure this isn't your first dog entry, would you point us to previous posts of him? (Although, really, I'm just going to find the first of your posts in the archives and read every one).

Sharfa said...

She's the sweetest, smartest, most gentle dog I have ever had the pleasure of being Mom to. She knows the difference between "cookie" and "pupperoni" and tells me which one she wants.

Stu - her name is Julieta. I adopted her last September. I should organize my posts on the sidebar, when I have the time. For now, I think if you search Julieta, you'll come up with posts about my baby.

Stu said...

Wow, Julieta, I'm sorry about the sexist use of pronouns. Mea Culpa.

You're a very pretty girl, yes you are!

Suldog said...

Did Julietta race at one time? If so, under the same name? Also, if so, do you know her record? I realize these are somewhat inane questions, but it's the first thing that comes to my mind when I see a greyhound. I spent a lot of time at the track in earlier years.

Sharfa said...

suldog - she did, won 12 out of 102 races in Conn. & Rhode Island. Here is her racing record:

There are databases online that you can look up with their tattoo #.

One ear has their #, the other has the month & year of their birth, as well as where they fell in the litter. Julieta's is 1000C which translates to Oct 2000 and she was third in her litter of 6.
Here is her page:

You can see 5 generations of her bloodline!

Pretty amazing stuff!