Sunday, August 06, 2006

Is it my imagination?

I took some PICs in Maine this weekend. This is Dad. He got a buzz cut 'cause he was losing his hair from the radiation treatments. He started chemo Friday, so it's only a matter of time before he loses the velcro head.

Julieta didn't mind being scratched by my nephew.

OK, now, this is my other nephew doing somersaults over the back of the couch. Notice anything?

Is it my imagination, or is that the same hazy blue glow that appeared around my Dad? Another funky exposure? Did it show up because the flash didn't go off & the camera picked up the blue slipcover? Why is it only around my nephew's head where he was landing?

I took this PIC seconds after the previous one.

I need to finish off the roll in my 35mm camera to develope those and see if anything showed up there.

My girlfriend J studied auras. She believes the blue glow around my Dad was his aura. A blue aura denotes happiness, health and a good person you'd like to get to know. (Vs. a red aura being someone you should stay away from).

Dad said "That myth is busted".

"Why?" I asked.

"Because, I'm not healthy".

"But, you had a good day that day, you were feeling really good".


My Grandfather's one year anniversary is Thursday the 10th. I can't believe it's already been a year. Dad says it seems longer. No wonder, he's had a very long year. I can't help but wonder if Papa is still here, watching out for us. Or maybe it's my Nana, Dad's Mom.

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KFarmer said...

This is just getting too interesting- Did anyone take a picture of you?

Sharfa said...

K - Isn't it?!?!
no, no one else brought up a camera. I got 14 shots on my digital and 12 on my 35mm, can't wait to see if anything turns up there.