Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Angels on the 19th Hole

I've always had a certain fascination with the paranormal & supernatural.

A week after my Grandfather passed away, my Grandmother was woken from her nap by someone grabbing her big toe and tickling her. There was no one there. I believe it was my Grandfather's ghost or spirit, reaching out to let her know that he was OK and still here.

Two years ago, my best friend D's Dad passed away in his sleep, very unexpectedly. Prior to this, the family had made a pact: if one of them passed, they would try and let the living know they were still around by blinking the lights three times. It's happened, more than once. D's sister had the lights on her car blink three times, there was no mechanical or electrical explanation for it, just like the lights inD's house blinking. After his passing, family members (especially Mom) kept finding dimes in the oddest places. D's Dad collected dimes in a jar.

Another friend, S, had a dream about a man from our highschool group, "The Loud Crowd" is what we called ourselves, that was tragically shot and killed in his twenties. In the dream, he told her that not everyone has the ability to communicate with those that have passed.

Then there are the supernatural encounters of Magazine Man, his uncle David and the Brownie. They refer to those that possess the ability to see "haints" as Magnets.

KFarmer has alluded to some of her sixth sense abilities in her blog.

Skeptics chalk up these events as coincidences, imagination or wishful thinking. Because there isn't scientific proof, they don't believe in ghosts or spirits or angels.

We humans are still a very young species. We only use a very small portion of our brain. Perhaps, those that are sensitive to the supernatural are simply the next step in our evolution.

I haven't been lucky enough to experience paranormal events, or, maybe I haven't paid enough attention. I do believe in ghosts, spirits, angels and fairies. I envy Magazine Man, the Brownie and their sensitivity to this phenomenon. I get goosepimples when I read his posts of these events.

Now, to the point of this post.

Dad was in a golf tournament on Monday. He had a good time and, he certainly deserved it. The wife of the player on the right took this picture. I don't know if it was a digital camera or not. She presented each of the players with a copy of the print. When she handed Dad his, she said "Don, you're glowing."

My Dad blushed at that comment. None of the gentlemen he golfed with know he is sick.

Is it a camera malfunction? A problem with the negative? Why is it only around my Dad? It can't just be his light shirt because, there is nothing around the man in the light yellow shirt. Is it possible, the camera captured all the prayers, love, and healing mojo being sent to my Dad?

Dad told me that he kept his eyes open during his first two radiation treatments. On the third, he had his eyes closed. The color of the aura surrounding my father is the exact color of the flashes he saw, when he closed his eyes during subsequent radiation treatments.

Is this simply the result of the camera picking up radiation emanating from my Dad, or is something else going on?

The only edits I did to this scanned photo were cropping, and a bit of lightening to see the facial details. Could it be his aura? Could it be the spirit of my Grandfather, or Dad's Mom, or some other passed relative protecting him?

When I went to pick up a roll of film I took with my 35mm the weekend of the 29th in Maine, there were no prints from it. My camera was functioning properly. I could hear the shutter open and the film advanced with each picture. The negatives looked like there had been no exposures. I had taken various pictures of Julieta on the couch with my Dad and other nature shots. I was looking forward to some cool shots, but I ended up with nothing.


Dad and I both want to take more pics to investigate this. I'll bring my camera to Maine this weekend.

Mom believes it's his Guardian Angel that appeared in the photo.

I can believe that.

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mydogischelsea said...

Well, the left side of my brain is telling me that it's a result of an overexposure—the glowing golf club in the man with the yellow shirt's hand also has the halo.

BUT, I'm also inclined to believe the right side of my brain, which is to say that maybe he is emanating mojo. Maybe he really is glowing. I can also believe the guardian angel thing—someone is protecting him, and the camera caught it on film.

I love supernatural stories. The one I like to tell is a story my aunt once told me. She had come to visit my mother years and years ago, back when my older brother was still an infant. He had been born with severe complications and was beginning to show signs of developmental delays. My aunt came to visit to support my mother through all of the testing.

On the day that the test results were coming in, my aunt woke up on the pullout couch in our living room. She felt like she was being watched, so she rolled over to see if anyone was there. No one was, but a framed picture of their mother—who had passed away a couple of years earlier—which had been leaning back on its kickstand (for lack of a better word)—fell flat on its face. No wind or anything.

Then a music box in the corner started playing. It was a music box that my aunt had given to my mother a few years back, and it played for a good thirty seconds before quieting. Later that day, my aunt mentioned the music box to my mother, who responded with: "You're kidding. That thing hasn't played in two years. It's broken."

So my aunt is convinced that all of these strange coincidences were the work of their mother, who had come to support my mother, who found out that day, when the results came back, that her son had a very severe case of cerebral palsy.

My brother recently passed away and I was thinking of that story and how it would be nice to know that the people we care about can reach out and touch us even if we can't see them. I don't know how much of it I believe, but I'd like to think it's true, because it helps to deal with loss to know that they're not really gone.

Anyway, sorry for the long-winded comment! It's late and I'm having trouble sleeping, so for some reason I felt the need to write an essay in your comment section! Oy!!

Positive vibes to you, your father and the rest of your family.


Melissa said...

Well, I am supposed to believe only in the scientific explanations for things, since that's my background. But I have a strong faith in things outside of our understanding.

When I sent your Dad Mojo, I imagined white light. It's something I leanred a long time ago through some meditation classes. Wrap the thing you're trying to heal in glowing white light. Whether it's the Mojo itself, or his guardian angel kicked up a few notches...well maybe they are the same thing.

Ya, I think you're Dad's got some energy working for him. Tell him to absorb as much as we can throw at him.

KFarmer said...

A warm blanket of love, love, love - :)

James Cooper said...

I'm in the same boat as Melissa on being a scientifically minded person, both by background and by nature. So, my inclination is to believe in something physical such as overexposure (most likely) or even radiation (much less likely). But just the same, I would like to believe that all the thoughts, mojo, prayers, and everything else being sent his way is having an effect.

I also like KFarmer's explanation a lot too :-)

Denise said...

I am of 2 minds, my dear. On one hand I am logical to a fault but here is the big fat "but". I do believe there are things beyond the human comprehension that science (science being a human concept itself) cannot explain. My family and I have had too many odd experiences that are just not coincidental over the years.

I do feel there is something protecting your Dad. Either all of our manifested good will and love has infused him or not too unlike an angel, it could be the spirit of someone he loved that has passed whom is trying to watch over him now like he did perhaps in life for them.

Anonymous said...

its hard to say but I beleive that it is a protective force around him... People may call me crazy but when things are going on the down slide for me and when I start to loose hope I always smell my grandmothers perfume around me... she passed away 14 years ago but once I smell that I know things are going to be ok and they are....

Sharfa said...

Denise - My parents bought my Grandparent's home and added an in-law apartment for them downstairs.

There was no question or hesitation, they would care for my aging Grandparents. Mom would quit her job, rather than see either of her parents in a Nursing home. Dad had/has an immense amount of respect for my Grandfather, his Father-in-Law. I believe that respect was mutual.

Mom and Dad took time off from work to care for Papa and get him to radiation treatments. Cancer overtook his 87 year old body with surprising efficency. He was suffering from Alzeimer's and Parkinson's as well. It was heartbreaking to see this very intelligent man look at you with a blank stare.The worst part was his awareness of losing his mental capacity.

It was extremely difficult, if not impossible, to connect with Papa in any semblance of emotional intimacy. He was a child of The Depression, with a very tough, emotionally distant Mother.

Papa's passing had an intense impact on my Dad.

This is difficult to put into words, and I don't want to offend anyone. I may be completely off base here, but, I believe my Dad made a special connection with Papa.

Your words: "it could be the spirit of someone he loved that has passed whom is trying to watch over him now like he did perhaps in life for them." Ring true.

What Papa could not express in life, he is doing in afterlife.

That's my theory.