Tuesday, June 20, 2006

This just keeps getting better and better

No news on the Big Bad yet. I'm holding it together, barely.

I had scheduled an appointment for today to have my remote start installed on my car (Christmas present from Mom & Dad). I know what you're thinking, Christmas was 6 months ago. I've already admitted I'm a procrastinator, so get off my back. The shop called me last night and rescheduled cause one of the guys is out sick with the flu.

Son is sick, he's been sick for a couple weeks. Last week it got bad enough to go to the Dr's. The throat culture was negative and the Doc wanted me to give him pseuphedrine to try and dry him up. His nasal congestion has improved, but now it's moved into his chest. I made him stick out the day at school yesterday - he only has until Friday, then schools out. Last night he woke up around midnight - coughing up a storm. He took a cold pill and promptly vomited it up from coughing so much. He was finally able to get back to sleep, after I gave him some NyQuil. First thing he said upon waking up was that he wanted to stay home sick from school. He looks like he got hit by a truck and I've got the guilts for making him go to school sick - so I acquiesced. We'll hit the Dr's again today, hopefully for some antibiotics.

I left work early Thursday to pick him up from school, took Friday off to stay home with him, and now I have to take another day today.

I want a do over. I want the last two weeks to be completely erased.

Life really sucks right now.


Ericka said...

wow. i've had weeks like this. usually right after i say something stupid like "it can't possibly get any worse." then it starts to rain on me.

sending thoughts of hugs flowers and chirping birds (who sleep in) and bunnies (who only eat weeds) and rainbows and shiny things your way!

Sharfa said...

Thanks Ericka - I made a point of NOT saying that for exactly that reason! Any time I have said it - it gets worse.

KFarmer said...

I sincerely and with all my heart think this calls for a do-over!!!


KFarmer said...

My e-mail is down this morning for some reason so I cant check it. If you need me, you know how to find me-

KFarmer said...

Hows it going sweet cheeks?

Chunks said...

Oh no, there is nothing worse than a sick kid, especially when summer vacation is thisclose! I hope he feels better soon and you manage to avoid it, it seems to be going around, even way up here!

Magazine Man said...

As you may remember, I am working with my genius friend to develop the Personal Undo (just like in the menu of most software apps, only this would be for real life). Soon as we perfect it, you're getting the first one.

Which was my lame-ass way of trying to cheer you, or at least let you know you're in my thoughts. Such as they are.


James Cooper said...

Ooh, if I subscribe to your publication can I get one of those undo buttons too? And just how far back can I undo?

Seriously though, Sharfa, hope things are going well. You've got a lot of good folks here who follow your (mis)adventures and genuinely care what happens to you so let us all know if you need our support. It'll have to do until MM and BB get that undo button working :-)

Sharfa said...

I am blessed and amazed at how good you people are. You truly give me hope that the world isn't going to hell in a handbasket. Such kindness and concern from people I have never met, and probably never will.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
I will post an update tomorrow, you've all been so supportive and I did promise to let everyone know whats going on.