Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Big Bad

OK. I promised to share.

My Dad has lung cancer.

That's not why I did the Father's Day post, I had been planning on writing him a letter before the bad news. Mom said - do it anyway, so I did.

The CAT scan showed a 6 cm tumor, anyone familiar with tumors knows this is huge. The CAT scan also showed that the lymph nodes are involved.

He had the biopsy yesterday. Results on Wed. He suffered a partially collapsed lung from the biopsy. God bless him - he wanted to vaccuum the newly installed carpet in my Grandmothers downstairs Apt., Mom put a stop to that.

PET scan today (that's when they inject the radioactive dye to see how far the SOB has spread).

He'll also have a bone scan and a head CT done.

He'll be starting radiation & chemo ASAP.

I wasn't shittin around when I said it's bad. Anyone that's read some of my Superdad posts knows I'm a Daddy's girl. This is just breaking my heart.

That's all for now.


KFarmer said...

It sounds like they are really on this and he is getting the care he needs. How about you? Please remember to take care of yourself and that medicine has made leaps and bounds in treating this horrible stuff.

As always, my thoughts, love and prayers are with you.

(PS-You know how to find me, I'm still here :)

James Cooper said...

Yeah, like Kfarmer said, they definitely sound like they're on top of things.

After making it through her ordeal with breast cancer my mom said the two things that really helped her through it all were her friends and family. Without their support, she said, she wouldn't have been able to keep up the fight.

So you've got to be strong too, be there for him, and help him fight this fight. And remember, your friends and family are there to support eachother too so you don't have to bear all the weight alone. And you can definitely count on us to offer audience and words of comfort and friendship whenever you need it.

Magazine Man said...

Aw jeez, I feared the Big Bad was something like this. I wish I had some words of comfort. I worry about this happening to my dad but worrying's squat compared to knowing.

I'm using my vast psychic powers to will you and your family healing thoughts. Especially you. Be as good to yourself as you can. And remember that you have more friends that you probably think you do.

Still here,

Sharfa said...

You are all so wonderful. You blow my mind, with your genuine concern and kind, loving words. I'm in a much more positive place because readers have taken the time to send loving, healing mojo, post such wonderful comments, and share their own encouraging stories of how cancer has touched their lives.
I don't have a way with words like some do (MM), the best I can do at the moment is: YOU GUYS ROCK!

Yes, the pulmonologist is very good. Both my parents have confidence in her ability and like her demeanor, forthrightness, and how she's right on top of everything.

Revan said...

HI Sharfa... I have been reading your blog for sometime via MM... anyways... My prayers go out to your family... My father in law was diagnosed with cancer 8 months ago... He is in full remission with the lymphoma and now they are tackling the other problems...

I will keep you in my prayers...

Ericka said...

aw geez. i think we ALL need to just do over the last month or so. i'm sorry. i'm a daddy's girl too, and this would tear me apart.

be as strong as you can for him and your mom, but make sure you've got someone to be strong for you. that which does not bend can break. if you need a shoulder, mine's available.

shane nickerson said...


Aw, nuts. I am so f&*king sick of cancer. I'm really sorry to hear about your dad's Big Bad. I'll be thinking about you and your family as you tackle this. It sounds like he's in good hands.

Sharfa said...

Revan - I'm sending some of that love and positive prayers back your way, and GO DAD! Kick Cancers ass!

Thanks Shane & Ericka

Being Made said...

If you need a place for support with this diagnosis--and for information--and for HOPE, check out the messageboards at www.lchelp.org

When my Mom was diagnosed it was these folks who helped me get my feet under me again and help her fight.

I just ended up here randomly this morning. I've never read your blog before. But I am sending good thoughts for you and for your Dad.

Sharfa said...

Being Made - Thank you very much for the link, hope is my lifeline right now. I'm very sorry about your Mom. I couldn't get too far in reading New Way to Be Human, not yet anyway. It's just too hard right now.