Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Random Anecdote

Every once and a while my son shows a wit and humor that both surprises and delights me. It's a side of him I don't see near often enough. It rarely peeks through the sulking, angry teenage angst. It's a dry wit that I hope will develop in his adulthood. He deadpans hilarious quips that make me do a doubletake.

Case in point:

I complied with my sons request for Pringles at the grocery store, knowing the entire container would be gone in a matter of hours. These were new Pringles though. Something for the salt craving couch potatoes that yearn to learn. (Uh huh, right). Maybe it's just a new marketing tactic aimed at parents, junk food that's good for your kids brain. I didn't feel guilty buying them, it's something I may allow him to indulge in only 3 or 4 times a year.

You see, these Pringles are printed with green dye trivia questions on them. Trivial Pursuit in a can, and you get to eat the salt laden pressed potato substance cards when you're done reading them. You win the game (and a few clogged arteries) when you finish the can. At least the chips are more likely to be consumed individually this way.

Son was actually surprised that I knew the answers to so many completely useless questions. "What's the nearest galaxy to ours?" "What madmade wonder of the world can be seen from space?" Etc. He liked it better when I said I didn't know. We did this back and forth for a while until he came to one question I couldn't answer. "What was the heaviest dinosaur that ever lived?" He queried. I thought for a moment guessed Brachiosaurus.

He grinned with delight at stumping me. "Bruhathkayaosaurus matleyi, It weighed in at 220 tons. Sheesh, and you think you're fat."


Chunks said...

I LOVE trivia Pringles!!! It combines two of my favorite things!!

KFarmer said...

You are such a good mom and he is quite the character :)