Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Missing you

I've been so busy kicking ass at work that I haven't had time to blog. When I get home at night, the last thing I want to do is get back on a computer. I have neglected you dear blog and I miss you. I'm taking 5 minutes after scarfing down lunch to post a quickie.

I spoke with the ex briefly on Saturday. I only got about every 4th word that he said (get a better cell phone asswipe), but what I did get didn't surprise me. I think it was about having our son spend the summer with his father, he could get a summer job and save some money to put into this wonderful money pit of a pick up truck that was supposed to be a Christmas present. Aren't presents supposed to be presents and not cost you anything? What good is a truck for a present that my son will have to sink a couple thousand dollars into just to get it legal & drivable? This is my ex's idea of a great gift.

Now, I bet you're asking yourself what happened to living with his father? The only positive spin I can put on this is that my ex actually thought something through. It wouldn't have been easy driving 30 miles to drop my son off to school every morning and to pick him up. Perhaps my ex realizes it's harder being a real parent than he thought it was. I think it's more likely that his wife pointed all this out to him.

But, and this is a big one that I will have to make abundantly clear when we finally do talk. If he's doing this thing for the summer, then it will be the entire summer until school starts. He cannot bail two weeks into it because he "can't handle it" (the ex, not the kid). I would need to make arrangements for my son for the summer now if he would be staying with me.

It will be interesting to see how all this plays out.


I Know I still have 3 days left to go. You have no idea what a long 3 weeks it's been. My Thursday night reprieves really do help keep me sane and I appreciate them now more than ever.

I'm going to kiss them and hug them and thank them and I will call them George....ooops Bugs Bunny slip there.

I've missed them.


KFarmer said...

LOL! I thought I was the only one who remembered the old shows- I wish they would come on again.

I love it how you call your parents Mommy and Daddy- I bet they do too.

Sounds like your next adventure with the X is going to be something-

Has spring sprung up there in the great white north?

Have the neighbors vacated the premises yet?


Stu said...

Hey Sharfa, I can't find another way to contact you. Would you email me - stumark _at_ verizon _dot_ net


Chunks said...

Glad to see that you were able to sneak a few moments for a brief update!

Good that your parents will be home this weekend. You will have to let us know how their trip was. I imagine the critters will be happy that they are home.

I hope your ex doesn't pull a fast one on you and leave you in the lurch for the wary!