Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Not Sweatin' the Small Stuff

Son broke up with his girlfriend, twice. Of course the first time was my fault because he was grounded from using the phone??? How the hell does he figure that? I know it was just an excuse and he was pissed at me.

there's another reason though.

Son saw the printouts I brought home for bootcamps, wilderness camps and boarding schools, got him quakin'. He relayed my "plan" to his father in a phone call. My ex is too stupid to figure out it's a parental control measure. He starts going on about how I couldn't afford it (I think he was more afraid he'd have to pay some. Considering he's been paying reduced support for 3 years now because of a foot injury, I think he got to quakin' too). My ex husband, who cannot even visit regularly with his son, who has only once in 15 years managed to keep his son for 6 days asked our son if he wanted to go and live with he and his wife.

Are you laughing? I'm laughing. I had to run into the other room and practically suffocate myself with a pillow cause I was laughing so hard. Of course, he needed to talk with his wife first.

There is a little girl that lives near sons father that calls son on the phone all the time. This is the real reason I think he broke up with girlfriend #1. I told him to stay away from girl # 2 though, she's only 13 and much too young. Could be a dangerous situation, but then, Dad would be the one worrying about that, right?

He hasn't called me yet. I know in my heart there is only one reason he's doing this: so he won't have to pay any child support and hopes that I'll have to pay him support. He doesn't get it, never will. I'll let the judge explain it to him. I will go court and make this official, I want it on record when Dear old Dad sends his some home within a week. That's how long I give it, a week. I hope that's long enough to make son realize..It ain't so bad with Mom. I'm sure he'll figure it out quickly when Dad is loaded come 1PM every day. Let son mouth off to Dad like he does me and he could be needing some dental work, Dad won't take that shit.

We shall see what happens. I'll keep you informed.

My Mom & Dad & Grandmother are leaving tomorrow for three glorious weeks on the gulf coast of Florida. They certainly deserve it. The last year has been a tough one. My Grandmother is very excited to go. The cold New England weather gets to her. She isn't as bad as my Grandfather was, he always had the heat set to 80 degrees.

I hope they have wonderful weather, a safe trip and enjoy themselves immensely.

I get to birdsit their cockatiel "Pretty Bird", just another addition to the menagerie. I have to keep her separated from Galileo though, Galileo likes to chase Pretty Bird around. Even though she's less than half Pretty Bird's size. My Dad warned me, "She's been working out, I've been teaching her karate". Right.

My bird can still kick your birds arse.

Poor Julieta just might pack her bags and run away.

So much for my rambling update.


Chunks said...

I hope your son clues in soon! Some kids just seem to have to take the hard way eh? I wish you laughter (you'll need it!) and peace (eventually it will come!) and remember, there is a special place in heaven for moms after they survive the teenage years.

Sharfa said...

My son does everything the hard way, always has.

There should be a special place in heaven for parents surviving teenagers. After all, we've already gone through HELL!

KFarmer said...

Amen... I think we should get a prize once it is all over and done. Hey wait a minute, I did- he moved out! :)

Hope your family has a great time in the sunny south. It is supposed to be nice and warm. When they fly over Ga., tell them to give me a shout.

KFarmer said...

PS- when he left for college, I might add that I layed in his bed and cried for the days straight. Annoying he may have been, but he is mine. It gets better...

izchan said...

:) ... its something the kid needs to learn to appriciate.