Friday, March 03, 2006

Caption Fun

Enter your own caption

I sent this picture out in an E-mail yesterday to my forward list with "Enter your own caption" in the subject line. I didn't expect any responses, the picture was just too "Bush" not to forward along. The captions my buddy came up with are just to fricken funny not to share. I was laughing so I hard I think I peed a little. Consider that your coffee spewing alert.

Please feel free to add your own captions in comments.

Dave's Captions:

I see your point Mr. President

Anybody seen Dick?

Nice Bush, George

I always thought this idiot was a little cocky

I wonder if Osamas hiding in here!

I thought you were with the SECRET Service!

Nucalar&nucalear&ahh, Ill never get it right!

Gee, the top of his head looks awfully familiar

Hey, Ive have Spongebob Squarepants underwear too!

Anybody up for a game of Texas Hold em?

Poor Laura

I cant wait to get this guy up to Camp David

Brokeback [Capital] Hill

Why cant I quit you?

I didnt see the movie, I swear to god I didnt see the movie

Remain steadfast and hard Mr. President

This guys hung like a White House Mouse

Why am I the only one smiling?

Dave just can't stop, he sent these this morning:


“And now…the head of the civilized world…”

“How can they expect me to pull out of Iraq when I can’t even pull my dick out of my own pants?”

“Cammando in Chief”

“I thought everything was supposed to be BIGGER in Texas”

“Clarence Thomas, eat your heart out!”

“That’s not my gun Mr. President”

(George saying to himself) “Hilary Clinton, Hilary Clinton, Hilary Clinton”

“Is oral sex, sex?”…”Get Bill Clinton on the line!”

“And you wanna be my Supreme Court Justice nominee…”

“Hail to the Chief”


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Now THAT's a Texas Ho-Down!

Chunks said...

That picture is so creepy, it has taken me two days of looking at it to think of something to say.

Does the crotch inspection have anything to do with the last president? And get a load of the guy next in line? Wow, he looks a little too excited!

Creepy I tell ya.

KFarmer said...

This is the best I can come up with.. peek a boo! I see you! I know, lame and childish. (hee hee)

The rest were great-

Sharfa said...

Nothing but weapons of mass disappointment here

It's true, the whole 'most powerful man in the world' thing is just a figure of speech!

KFarmer said...

Hey Super S- if you go to the Dog's Breakfast and hit "Doug" in her writing, he is giving $1.50 for each comment after #10 for the grey hounds. Thought you might like to know :)

Jenny said...

OMG, too funny!!! I wish I was witty enough to think of a line.