Thursday, February 02, 2006

Minimum Wage $$$

We stopped at the grocery store and an auto parts store, so my son could pick up job applications last night.

He's very excited at the prospect of getting a job and having his own money. He needs to save for his vehicle insurance on the used truck his father bought him for Christmas. Plus, gas and maintenance costs & actually having spending money. Cause you know Momma ain't paying for it!

My smile matched his giddy enthusiasm, for different reasons.

He's got visions of dollar signs and the millions he will make, oh the freedom he will have!

I can't wait until reality hauls off and bitch slaps him right in the forehead. Wait till he finds out he won't be getting paid like he was from his generous grandfather. Wait till he finds out how much things actually cost. Wait till he finds out what a money pit a used vehicle is. Wait till he finds out how far he gets on a gallon of gas.

Wait till he gets his first paycheck and sees sees the chunk good ole Uncle Sam takes out of his hard earned money.

Ah yes friends, it will be a great day when I can look at my sons tear filled eyes, smile and say, "Welcome to the real world son."


KFarmer said...

and do you hear an Amen Sister? I thinks you do... :)

Shafa said...

Heh heh.

If he ever whines about how much he makes, send him to me. I'll regale him with how I am a full time college student who also works 40 hours a week for a $300 a month paycheck.

No typos there. That works out to less than $2 an hour.

I'm not knocking it, because I love my job. However, I too enjoy seeing the hearts of young, delusional teenagers being dashed into oblivion.

Rurality said...

Oh the poor thing. ;)

I remember my first paycheck, and wondering why Uncle Sam needed quite so much of it!

Chunks said...

Reality bites! The sooner they learn that little lesson, the better!

Glad to see you having some enjoyment in all of it, take a picture of yourself laughing when you see his face go into the shock of his first paycheck!