Friday, February 03, 2006

Mo Chuisle

It seems like all I do is piss and moan about my son, and you don't even hear the really bad stuff.

Occasionally, I get small glimpses of a tender and compassionate human being. Then his head spins around and he starts vomiting pee soup again.

Last weekend, we watched Million Dollar Baby. I had heard beforehand that it was a sad movie, so I was prepared. My son however, was not. When I saw the bad thing coming, I sucked in my breath and whispered "Oh NO." The boy sat quietly. Every time I glanced in his direction, his hat was hiding more of his face. The brim seemed to be devouring his whole head. I heard an occasional sniffle. Of course, I was openly bawling by that point. I grabbed some tissues and dropped a couple in his lap.

Towards the end, the sniffles became more frequent. When it was over, he immediately retreated to the cover of the bathroom. He must have blown his nose about 50 times, used up half a box of tissue. When he finally came out, I simply stated "That was so sad".

(He's going to make some lady very happy someday. They can cuddle on the couch and watch chick flicks together. Hey, at least I know he's not a sociopath - those were real emotions baby!)

He looked at me, his eyes puffy and red, and said "I'm never going to get over that!"

I laughed and said "Yea, it was a rough one. Pass me the envelope so I can send it back to Netflix".

He was practically shouting before I even finished my sentence, "Don't send it back! I want to keep it and see if I can bring it to my Dads this weekend". He may never get over it, but he's more than willing to put himself through it again.

"OK, fine." I answered. "Just don't count on it having the same effect on your father."


KFarmer said...

I dont care how many times I watch that movie, it has the same effect.

It's nice to know a young man can feel the same. Great movie, great son-even though he is a teenager...

Chunks said...

I've never seen it but I will now! My kids hate watching movies with me, I bawl at all of them! Unless I am guffawing at them, then they REALLY hate it! Glad there are still glimmers of hope.

Sharfa said...

It is a Great movie. One I will probably purchase for my collection.

Kfarmer - yes, there is hope.

Chunks - I usually get the rolling eyes and the "Are you crying?... Pathetic." Luckily, we both really enjoy sci-fi or action/adventure flicks together. It's a weekend ritual to pull out the couch, have a vat of popcorn and plug in a movie. Picture me, my son and the dog splayed out on the pull-out. He usually heads for his room when I fall asleep and start snoring.

izchan said...

you have a great son.

Any man who can cry over that show has more than just muscles. There is a living human being in there.

izchan said...

Out of curiousity ... when are you coming back to us?

KFarmer said...

yes, when? :)