Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Timely Telling

My son requested I drive him to school this morning....Because he wanted to go to detention.

Why do you have detention?

For using inappropriate language.

When were you going to tell me about this?

UM, this morning.

And, when did this happen?


What happened?

I was in the hall talking with some friends and the hall monitor heard us swearing.

I didn't ask what was said. I don't want to know what 4 teenage boys were talking about in the hallway between classes.

This morning I checked the school website. They have this nifty little site where parents can log in and view up-to-date grades, attendance, schedules and discipline. It's pretty cool, you can know immediately after attendance is taken if your kid has skipped school or not. Luckily, my son has not. Given the news of this morning, of course I checked in at the school site.

This incident happened on Friday. Do you think he would tell me about it Friday? Nooooooo, of course not. He didn't want to be punished over the weekend - even though he was visiting his father.

I told him that I was not driving him to school early (they can serve 1/2 detentions in the morning before school vs. A whole hour after school). I told him he would just have to stay late and take the late bus home to serve his detentions. His response was to mouth off and say "Well, then I just won't go, cause I am not staying late!"

We will see who wins this one. Wink.


Chunks said...

Be strong, mama, be strong!!

It's like they are all drinking from the fountain of stupid eh?

KFarmer said...

I loved when my son said stuff like that. He usually ate crow that night or went without- wink ;)
Teenagers--- ugghh! Never a dull moment huh sweets? I'm w/chucks- Be Strong!

PS-Remember, you are QUEEN!