Thursday, March 31, 2011

Random thoughts

Did you hear we're going to get a big snowstorm here in the northeast for April Fools Day? It also happens to be my Aunt Jane's birthday - Happy Birthday Jane! You old bitch.

Been talking to Christopher on the phone every day - the reception is so much better than the shitty quality he had in Afghanistan. He's very excited about coming home. I'm still wary and apprehensive. No sense in worrying about it till it happens.

I need to get my arse moving on cleaning out his room and painting and fixing the wall I put him through 3 years ago.

It will be 4 years in 2 weeks since my Dad died. I am still a lost wandering soul without him and it hurts just as much now as when it happened. I've just become better at ignoring the pain for longer periods of time so I can function.

I need to find a local vet that is good with Greyhounds and reasonable. Julieta needs her teeth pulled - bad! If it's going to cost me thousands of dollars I will have to put her down because I can't afford that. The prices vets charge nowadays and all the 'little' costs are absolutely outrageous and it disgusts me.

OK - back to work now. It's Thirsty Thursday - what will you be drinking tonight?


heartinhand said...

"...fixing the wall I put him through 3 years ago." Did you ever tell us this whole story because I don't think so! =) I'm apprehensive for you too, but you're right, no sense worrying about it until something happens.

Has it been that long since your dad? Wow! Time flies and not in the good way. Your dad would want you functioning. You already know that though!

Taz could probably use some teeth pulling too. He has dragon breath like you wouldn't believe. It costs over $300 just for a cleaning, so I can well imagine what a few extractions would cost too. I don't think he's long for this world anyway, the way he's been hobbling about. I should blog about it instead of clogging up your comments section!

Sharfa said...

Rox - I alluded to it here:
Putting him through the wall is covered under "went ballistic". The whole story is too sordid and mortifying to blog about.

I can't believe it is 4 years either. I keep thinking to myself, what have I done for the last 4 years? It's foggy. I am functioning or rather existing. You know exactly what I mean and how I feel - sux don't it?

How old is Tazzy now?