Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Counting Down

I'm counting down the hours until I see my baby....about 46 at this writing.

Leaving tomorrow AM, arriving at airport: noonish, hotel: 2ish, must be at Ft Jackson commander briefing 10AM Thursday morning, then.................he's all mine! Well, I actually have to share him with my Mom, Grandmother and his father (ugh). His father will be going home Friday though. If Christopher gets a weekend day pass then we get to spend the weekend with him too! He had said that was the case but I won't know for sure until we see him.

Got my haircut, did a bit of clothes shopping. Tonight I'll pack and buy some candy for him. Tomorrow it's bring the dog, her crate, food & blankets as well as the bird to Mom's. My Aunt & her BF have graciously offered to pet sit until we get back, which is awesome! I swear, the shit I have to pack up for the animals is as much as I had to pack up for Christopher when he was a baby. My neighbor will feed the cats for me.

Julieta hasn't been away from me for more than a few hours since I adopted her 4 years ago. I hope she fares ok and doesn't miss me too much. I know Iwill get the best welcome home from all the animals. At least Tabitha & Dusty have each other, although - Dusty is my SHADOW when I am home. I cannot pee, walk to my bedroom or go out the door without her being right there. She is a very special feline.

I haven't posted much 'cause I was home sick with a bug last Monday - Wed. I've spent the last few days trying to make up for that and get ahead at work for my vacation. I'm taking the entire week off work when we return. 12 days off - sweet!

My Mom is taking her digital camera, I think I'm going to take my 35mm. Digital is great but I'll tell ya, until I can afford a digital SLR - my Canon AE-1 still rocks. I'm telling you this because I plan on taking lots and lots of photos to share with you.

So, I'm checking things off my lists and hoping I forget nothing. The countdown is underway and I cannot wait to see my kid. This is the longest we've ever been apart and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Imagine that? I've gone from kicking him out and not wanting to lay eyes on him cause he was such a shit to practically foaming at the mouth in anticipation of seeing him again.

Found a penny when I got out of my car this morning at work. Thank you Daddy, I know you'll be there with us!


Suldog said...

Enjoy! And let us know how things went, OK?

Melissa said...

So very happy for you.

Have a safe drive, flight, however you were getting there (I am too tired to go back and reread!). Enjoy it all. Be super proud of him and let him know it.

I am so happy for him, you, Grandma. the whole family.

Melissa said...

Hey, here's a suggestion (purely for me, not you). Dust off that Twitter account, and tweet while you're on travel and seeing your son graduate boot camp. I'd love the play by play.

If you have a phone and the ability to text to twitter, that is...

I am still @druantia there, and still following you when you decide to start using it. :)

KFarmer said...

Oh hon, I'm so happy. This post made my day!

Now don't go loving the south so much you decide you just have to move down here....

I hope you and the whole fam have the bestest of times and I look forward to the pics and news :)


Roxrocks said...

(I'm late to the party...)

WOOHOO! How'd it go? I can't wait to hear how it all played out!

Also, I can't believe it's been four years. I remember when you got her! Has it been that long?!