Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm the Happiest I've Been in a Long, Long, Long Time


Because Christopher passed his PT test with flying colors.


Because I booked the trip to his graduation.


Because I got a non-stop, round trip airfare from Boston to Charlotte, South Carolina for $157.50.


Because I can honestly be proud of my son and how he has turned his life around.


Round trip Airfare for 3 people $532
Rental Car for 5 days $301
Hotel for 5 days $400

Seeing my son Graduate from Army Basic Training......................................



Roxrocks said...

That's awesome news!!

Melissa said...

Too totally cool. Congrats to both of you. Cannot wait for some graduation pics up here!

KFarmer said...

(: doing the happy dance :) Best new I've heard today~ HOO HOO! Give the boy my best ~ and congrats to you too Mom :) Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Suldog said...

Ah, I should have been here sooner to see your happiness. Sorry. Good for you!