Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I got my Letters!

6 to be exact! Cried like a baby! He's finally realizing just how good he had it and boy does he miss me & Nana and his home.

He found a shiny penny, tails up during PT. That's a sign from my Dad. He now knows for sure that Grampa is watching over him.

Mom got her letters too, 3 of them. Could have knocked her over with a feather when she saw 'a bible' on the list of things he wants. I don't think he's ever even opened a Bible.

He's determined to make it. He wants Nana "To be impressed with the man I will be when she see's me".

I've printed up a small photo album & some return address labels for him. I've got envelopes and two legal pads to send out tomorrow too.

Even though he was driving me batshit crazy and pushed me to my limits, I miss my baby so much.

Again - anyone interest in Christophers mailing address can e-mail me. The link is on my profile page.


KFarmer said...

Well, of course you do darlin, he is your son and sounds like he is turning into someone you would actually like to have around.

I think I told you this before but maybe it bears repeating~ My son and I nearly killed one another before he left for college. It never was a question as to whether or not I loved him, but I really didn't like him too much with the way he was acting. It took a while, but he finally saw the light. Sounds like Christopher is too and I'M VERY HAPPY FOR YOU!!! :)

Sharfa said...

K - Yeah - I wasn't liking him very much either. I told him that too. I always told him - I love you no matter what, but I don't like the person you are or how you behave.

He'll get there.

Thanks so much

Roxrocks said...

It seems as though he has turned a corner. I can't believe how short of a time it took once the gloves came off! I'm so happy for you!!