Sunday, January 11, 2009

I got my DVD!

My DVD arrived in the mail Friday! I was so excited I watched it 5 times. He looks so good. I'm having problems uploading it to youtube though. I'll try and work it out cause I'd love to share it with you.

I got a 5 minute phone call from Christopher Saturday. He's struggling in basic but he's determined to make it, his head is really in it. He's not sure if he'll be able to call again until he completes basic. He finally has an address though and was able to mail out all his letters. I can't wait to get them so I can start sending him mine. He was planning on going to Mass today. It's so great that he's doing that. I think it's a connection to home and having some kind of spiritual belief will help him more than he ever thought possible.

As I type this, Dusty is in my lap laying across my right wrist. Doesn't make it easy to type. I put her down twice but she just keeps coming back. This is the only place where she will sit in my lap. She refuses to when I'm on the couch.

Bro went to the house in Maine for the weekend. Mom was worried sick about the pipes freezing and the place being out of oil. Bro could hear water when he came in the door. The odd thing is, the water was coming from the drain valve on the water heater. That's something that has to be physically opened, and it was only opened a smidge to keep the water dripping and the heater from freezing. It was 30 degrees in the house and some of the pipes had frozen. Nothing ruptured though and he managed to crank up the wood stove and thaw everything out. The oil man will be delivering tomorrow.

I think my Dad had a hand in that. He's still watching out for us.

We got another 6 inches of snow overnight. I'm aggravated with mew snow blower. The crank for the chute came loose and I found a gear on the ground, now I have to move it manually. The brush underneath came off when I was at Mom's too. I'm glad I spent the $75 extra for the 3 year service plan. I'm going to have to call and bring it in for service. I don't think they tightened things up enough when they put it together and a brand new blower shouldn't be falling apart with normal use! We're due for another 2-4 inches this week and then a deep freeze down to 0! At least it's not as cold here as in Canada where Rox lives.

I know family checks in here, so email me if you'd like Christopher's mailing address.


KFarmer said...

I'm very excited to hear about Christopher's progess and hope to see the video soon :) HOO HOO! GO CHRISTOPHER!!

That really bites about the snow blower. I mean come on... Does anyone make anything worth a tinkers dam any more? Smart woman to buy the extended warranty. I've learned my lesson on that too and always buy it on anything.

Still interested in the jewelry. Let me know where I can see the pretty-pretties :)

Roxrocks said...

Just to let you know, YOU sound sooooo good! Like REALLY good! You sound like you again!

I have a plow blade on a quad AND a snowblower and I'm still run ragged trying to keep up to the snow!

Melissa said...

I only know you through this site, but I second what I am reading here. I haven't heard (read) positive energy coming from you in forever. This entry sounded honest to goodness happy. Really and true.

I can only imagine your Dad just did a jig (if he did such things) from the happiness coming off of you. I am so so very happy to read this and hope that this is just the beginning of the good parts of Sharfa's life.

Way to go Christopher!

Ericka said...

i second. um, third. whatever. it's SO good to hear (?) you be you again.

yay for the military! boo, hiss to stupid snowblowers. that should NOT be happening!