Monday, May 19, 2008

They're Baaaaack

Remember the Neighbors from hell?

They're back.

They snuck in under cover of darkness Saturday night with their moving van. Boyfriend left in the morning giving kisses to his pregnant yet again Skanky Ho. Yes people - this is #7 for her, by at least 5 different men. Son #1 is with his father after being released from the mental hospital where he spent at least a year. Son #2, 15 or 16 is next door now, along with 2 more daughters and a mentally challenged 4 year old boy. There's one more that she doesn't have custody of.

My son spoke with son#2 and confirmed that they've moved back. I wanted to cry. I left a message with the park manager and spoke with him later in the day. He will not be in the office until Tuesday to look at what the court records say. I cannot go through this shit again.

It's been so nice the last couple years, quiet & peaceful. She cleaned up the yard - got rid of the junk vehicles. So much for her selling the place and moving to a retirement home.
I told you they were a bunch of liars. That's why you never got to see me dancing a jig in the street.As long as she was still there, there was always a chance the ho could be back.

The hell has already started. I was woken up at 11:45 PM last night by Skanky Ho screaming for her son out the front door. I get up at 5:30AM, mind you.

To top it all off, son is flexing his "I'm 18 and an adult so I can do whatever I want" wings. What he didn't realize is that I don't have to support his ass anymore and can throw him out if he doesn't want to obey my rules. He wouldn't last 5 minutes in the real world.

I'm feeling old, so very old. Yesterday was the worst birthday ever.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Playlist Song 31

That's the Way I Always Heard it Should Be

The Playlist Song 30 Don't Stop

Son was about 10 or 11 when he was in my Dad's truck and Daddy cranked this up. Son was mortified that Grampa listened to loud rock 'n' roll.

It's a good anthem.

The Playlist Song 29

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Talking Birds

This African Grey Parrot is a hoot! What a filthy mouth on him. I wonder where he learned language like that from? Speaking from my own experience with parakeets - they can carry on a logical conversation.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Playlist Song 28

The first time I heard this song was in the parking lot of the vets office.
I was taking my cat, Shotgun, to be euthanized.
I sat in the car with him in my arms, balling my eyes out.
He was 19.

The Playlist Song 27

For Mom.

The Playlist Song 26

This is one from when I was a kid that Daddy would sing....are we seeing a pattern yet?

The Playlist Song 25

The Playlist Song 24

Self explanatory.

Monday, May 05, 2008

The Playlist Song 23

I loved this song when it came out and the SNL skit only reinforced that plus gave me a different perspective.

The Playlist Song 22

The Playlist Song 21

The Playlist Song 20

The Playlist Song 19

The Best Album Ever.

This is another optimistic feel good song my Dad loved. He and Bob Marley shared similar values, and they both passed into the light from that God awful disease. Although, I don't think I could ever picture my Dad with Dreadlocks. I think he had a bit of Rastafarian in him, perhaps we all do, at least I'd like to hope we are capable of it.
If you've never listened to the entire Legend album, I suggest you go buy it. I don't care if you don't like reggae. There is no way in the world that you can't feel good when you plug this CD in and crank it up!

From the Official Bob Marley Website:
Bob Marley never wrote a bad song. He left behind the most remarkable body of recorded work. "The reservoir of music he has left behind is like an encyclopedia," says Judy Mowatt of the I-Threes. "When you need to refer to a certain situation or crisis, there will always be a Bob Marley song that will relate to it. Bob was a musical prophet."