Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's the Little Things That Make Me Happy

I told you about the 'Lil fierce one' who is Mom's protector. Anyone that enters the house doesn't get up the stairs without Keegan making Mom jump out of her seat as he barks his fool head off and heads for the door.

The tables were turned Tuesday.

I crept into the house on tippie toes. It helped that Mom & Keegan were in the bathroom with the water running. Mom doesn't have the luxury of peeing alone anymore. Keegan follows her everywhere and will rest his head on her knee or pants when she's on the thrown. (Mom might think that's TMI but I think it precious).

I was coming down the hall just as Keegan rounded the bathroom door with Mom in tow.
I said "GOTCHA!"
He was able to get out one bark and it was as if he was shouting "SHIT!"
Then he immediately turned into a wiggling wagging excited ball of fur.

Scaring the hell out of my Mom's dog made my week.
I know, twisted.
You would have been tickled pink too, if you saw the look on his face.


Roxrocks said...

My dog grins like an idiot when I scare him!

I'm sick too because I love it and do it every chance I get!

Sharfa said...

Great minds Rox, great minds...

KFarmer said...

Pranksters RULE! lol.. ;)