Friday, February 08, 2008

What a looong week

Turns out I was borderline walking pneumonia. Went to the Doctors Monday. The nice Doctor had me breath deep several times which sent me into a 10 minute couching jag in which I actually peed my pants a little. He gave me some uber antibiotics and extra strong cough medicine. I'm feeling better but, here's a tip:
Do turn on the light when taking cough medicine at 3:00 AM. Do measure each dosage and follow the directions. I do not recommend taking several swigs off the bottle in a half sleep state. You run the risk of overdosing and drinking half the bottle then have to drive to work stoned out of your mind in the morning, like I did Thursday.
Last night was the first night I slept straight through the night in a week.

Son worked his first week in co-op. Co-op is when the technical high school students actually work on the weeks they would have their shop. So far so good. He likes the job (it's a major construction company with over 140 pieces of equipment). He's making $10 an hour and will get a load of on-the-job training with the potential of going full-time when he graduates. If he can keep his mouth shut and attitude in check - he'll be fine.

In the spirit of 'A Christmas Story' I give you Charlie. Only, instead of 'You'll shoot your eye out kid', the catch phrase should be 'You'll lose a finger kid'.


RoxRocks said...

Oh Sharfa, I hope you're feeling better soon!

The Charlie video made me pee MY pants a little! How the person on camera didn't burst out laughing or STOP the baby from biting, well, it's one of those unsolved mysteries!

KFarmer said...

Thank God you went to the doc! As for the meds, I put mine in the kitchen so I have to get up... been there, got a t-shirt :) Get better soon dove :) I'm thinking of you~

Congrats to your son as well. They are taking the voc training out of our schools and MAKING the kids take college prep starting next year. Yeah, that's going to work real good down here. Shit heads...

KFarmer said...

I had to come back and watch the video~ oh that Charlie, what a laugh~ I LOL w/him :)

Hope you are feeling much better today :)

Sharfa said...

I'm still feeling less than 100%. Went to bed at 6PM last night and slept thru till 5AM.
K-my meds were in the kitchen!

I love that vid and have watched it several times....the pain registering on his face and the delayed laugh from Charlie are just precious.

Suldog said...

I love the laugh! Innocent, yet evil.