Monday, February 04, 2008


I've got it.

Woke up 3AM last Thursday coughing with every bone in my body screaming in agony.
I was home from work Thursday & Friday. The fever finally broke sometime Friday morning. The aches in my joints finally went away but the cough has been brutal.
Got a Dr's appointment at 3:15 today, just to make sure it isn't bronchitis or pneumonia. It sucks cause I wake up coughing every couple hours. I need some cough medicine with a narcotic to knock me out.

To top off that - my PC at home won't boot up, I get nuthin. A command prompt that I cannot enter to.
I brought it in to work today for our IT guy to take a peek at. The warranty expired last week.....of course it did.

I'd just better not lose all my edited pictures on the hard drive. I bought an external hard drive for back up a couple weeks ago, I just hadn't backed anything up yet.

At least I don't have the pukey poo-poo bug my son had 2 weeks ago. That's me, looking on the bright side...I'm a glass half full kinda gal.


RoxRocks said...

Feel better soon, hon! It could always be worse, you got that right. You could be George Bush and not only have the flu but be retarded too! LOL!

Oh, I'm all political today because of all your news in the States. Really, I should just stick to my own Canadian news ie. "Polar Bear Eats Garbage at Local Diner"

KFarmer said...

I would suggest hydrocodoneguaifenesin if they will give it to you. It works miracles for me. Not only for coughs, the river of snot, but the water that builds up behind my eardrums that gives me good ole vertigo.

I hope you feel better soon dove~ and sorry to hear about the pc. When it rainith, it pourith I guess.

Sending happy and healing thoughts your way ~Little Ms. Sunshine that I iz :)

Suldog said...

Good luck, kid. Two of my co-workers phoned in today with it. Yuck.