Friday, December 14, 2007

This is Hell and It's Frozen Over

I'm sure you've all heard about the big storm in New England yesterday.

Boy was it fun.


I left work at 12:45.

I arrived at my Mom's at 3:15.

2 1/2 hours to go 14 miles.

Mom left work at 2.

She arrived home at 6.

I felt really bad that I didn't get through to the hospital before Mom left work. She's petrified of driving in the snow. Dad always drove her during those times. As she put it "I miss my snow chauffeur". I was going to pick her up but didn't get in touch with her before she left.

I think the entire state of Massachusetts was gridlocked yesterday. Everyone left work at the same time and the storm hit hard and fast. People were running out of gas and breaking down on the highways because they were sitting for hours. One poor guy on that called in to a radio station said he had pulled into a rest area to pee. An hour and 45 minutes later he still couldn't get back on the highway - no one would let him into traffic!

I hung out at Mom's until 8 to give everyone a chance to get home. I sailed home in 30 minutes. There were very few cars on the road then, mostly plows.

I had a hell of a time getting son up this morning. It wasn't pretty. I left and told him if he didn't get his ass up and to school I was calling the cops. He only shoveled my driveway enough for my car. I left the house to go shovel Mom's walkways, which he was supposed to help with.

He's been giving me a really, really hard time as of late. He is making stupid choices. It got to the point that his truck is being sold, it's up at his father's and I'm taking it off the road. He shouldn't have a vehicle if he doesn't have a job to buy his own gas and pay insurance. I'm not so sure we are going to make it, he and I. He's becoming uncontrollable and I'm out of options. He's utterly defiant, verbally abusive and refuses to do as he is told. His father won't take him. I can't even get a CHINS (Child in Need of Services) through the court because son is 17 1/2 now, with the maturity of a 5 year old.

I miss my Dad. He'd know what to do.


KFarmer said...

Oh hun... troubled times w/teens to be sure. Mine thought he was 10 feet tall and bullet proof. He also thought he was smarter than me. I guess to some degree he was (book wise) but as far as life's lessons~ no clue.

After one particular episode I looked at him (as we were leaving the "COURT HOUSE") and told him he was on his own. That if he thought he was a man he better start acting like one. I was through~ No more sugar tit for him. I guess it was the look I gave him cuz he changed his tune pretty damn quick after that.

I'm sorry you are going through rough times but you do what you feel is best. Sometimes tough love is the only way.

You know, I would never have dreamed of talking to my parents the way some kids talk to theirs. Number one, I knew better and number two, I probably wouldn't have any teeth left. These new laws we have where we can't correct our children really have been the down fall.

I once whooped (spanked his ass~you know the dance) my son in the Piggly Wiggly for throwing grapes at his sister. I had told him three times not to do it or I would whoop him before God and everyone. I guess he didn't believe me. This woman happened to notice and looked at me like I was a murderer and challenged me with her eyes. I looked at her, crooked my finger like come on bitch, I'll give you some too and she ran. Today, I would have gone to jail.

I wish you all the luck in the world and hope your son will reach his sences soon. Some are just more hard headed than others I guess.

A BIG HUG your way and keep warm!

izchan said...

hugs dear.

Its never easy when they think they have wings and imagine that they could fly.

What they mistook as independence was their self-absorbed-puke.

As I said. Its never easy.

Sharfa said...

Thanks - so glad to know I am not alone and that I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE!
Maybe I'm not a sucky parent after all?